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Top 10 Tips For Buying An Office Notice Board

A lot of businesses make use of Notice Boards for various purposes, like – for writing the to do lists, meetings, advertising posters, events, sessions for idea generation, etc. Although, notice boards are used in many industries, they are particularly popular in the office environment.

Every office is different, and its team has different requirements, because of which it becomes extremely vital that while looking for a new notice board you make it a point to go with the one that is useful and effective for your office setting. There are different styles and design of notice boards available in the market, which is why it becomes all the more important that you pick the best notice board according to your needs.

Therefore, we have made a list of the top ten tips that will guide you while buying the perfect notice board for your office.

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It is extremely important to consider the purpose of the notice board. This will assist in deciding the style of the notice board that would be most appropriate and suitable in your office. For instance, will the notice board be only used for putting the general posters and notices, or will it be used in presentations and business meetings.



It is extremely important to choose the right size of the notice board for your office. If the notice board is too small then your team won’t be able to read from it, and, an extremely big size would not be practical for a smaller office.

Before buying a notice board, you should always consider its purpose (how will you use it, and, what will you put on it). Also, make sure to take the measurement of the area or wall, where the noticeboard would be put.

Large Notice Boards


If you are looking for a notice board that is lightweight, as well as strong, the felt notice boards are the best option.

Moreover, the aluminium frame of these boards will make sure that the board is durable.

Sliding Door Glazed Notice Boards


Are you in need of a noticeboard that can be easily moved from one room to another, for presentations or meetings? Well, in that case, a transferable notice board would be perfect for you.

Freestanding Mobile Notice Boards

We offer a wide range of mobile whiteboards, ranging right from pinnable felt surface boards to magnetic dry wipe whiteboards. The locking castors in our boards make it easier to move the boards from one location to the other. Also, the pivot means that the board can be flipped, so that both the sides can be used.

Mobile Notice Boards

Material Types

It is important to choose the right material for your noticeboard, as it will decide for what all you can use the board. If you want the notice board only for putting the posters and documents, then you should go for felt notice boards.

However, if you want the board for writing purposes, then you should go for a whiteboard. If you want to attach as well as write information, then magnetic whiteboards are ideal for you.

Magnetic Whiteboards bring people together

Choice of Colour

The outer appearance of the board is just as imperative as its actual use. As a result, it becomes important to consider the colour of the board as well. Won’t it be fun to match the colour of the notice board with the brand colour of your business? Alternatively, maybe you are looking to put some colour in your office. As we offer a wide variety of different tones, we will be able to assist you in finding the right colour for you.

Colourful Notice Boards

Framed and Frameless Notice Boards

As already mentioned, framed notice boards can make your notice board durable; however, they are not your only options.

You can also opt for a Wooden Framed Notice Boards, or our Aluminium Framed Notice Board. These notice boards use 100% Eco recycled material, and the frames are manufactured with an FSC registered hardwood frame taken from sustainable forests. This frame not only looks smart and stylish, however, is also a safer option for the environment.

However, we also offer Frameless Notice Boards, which means that there is no frame at the notice board. This means that you have an extra space around the border, which you can utilise to quickly attach notices or documents.

Aluminium Framed Notice Board

Fire Resistant Notice Boards

Also, if you need an extra security and protection, you can go for a Fire Resistant Notice Boards. Our Resist-A-Flame boards have been tested thoroughly to make sure that they fulfil the standards for Class B.

Fire Resistant Notice Boards

For instance, our Fire Fire Resistant Tamperproof Notice Board, having a shatterproof PET cover and aluminium frame provide ultimate fire protection. It is an ideal choice if you want a safety notice board in your office.

Fire Fire Resistant Tamperproof Notice Boards

Fire retardant noticeboards

Combination Boards

Still struggling to find an ideal notice board for your office? Why not try the best of both with our dual purpose combination notice boards.

This boards come with half dry wipe whiteboard and half felt cloth pin board, allowing you to mix up the bulletins by adding written messages as well as pinned notices.

Combination Boards

Accessories for Notice Boards

After selecting a board for your office, you may also require to think about purchasing certain extremely important accessories to go with it!

Some of these important accessories are - whiteboard cleaner, pins, whiteboard marker pens (non-permanent!), magnetic pins, erasers, etc.

We hope that these tips for buying an office notice board were useful for you. In case of further questions regarding the perfect board for your office, feel free to contact notice boards Online here.

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