Top 10 Uses of Poster Frames in Schools and Universities

Top 10 Uses of Poster Frames in Schools and Universities

If you have ever visited a school or a university, or indeed any educational establishment, you will have noticed one thing that they all have in common, and that is posters and notices. The walls tend to be covered in pieces of paper advertising things that will be taking place on a regular basis, events coming up, school rules and reminders. The other thing that they often have in common is that they are pinned to notice boards with loose corners flapping around or crumpled up where people have brushed past them in a rush. This can make it difficult to see the important information that is being displayed. But, help is at hand. Poster frames are a great way to display all that vital information and ensure that it is still easy to read, even when it has been on your walls for a while.

You might think that once you have seen one poster frame, you have seen them all, but you would more than likely be wrong. Poster frames come in a wide variety of choice and suitable for all different types of budget. Standard poster frames offer a very budget friendly solution with A1 15mm frames, but there are also options available with thicker frames which can create more of an impact with your posters.

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While black and silver are very popular choices when it comes to poster frames, they can also be purchased with coloured frames, which are great if you are looking to create real impact with your poster, our streamlined poster frames are just that very streamlined and sleek looking and ideal for artwork. They come with almost no frame visible to detract from whatever you are displaying.

If you want to ensure that the information in your poster frame is safe, then the lockable range of frames is a perfect choice, and if your poster frame is for outside then don’t worry as a number of the products we offer are suitable for use outdoors, and will protect your posters from the elements.

Large poster frames are a great way of displaying multiple posters at once, or for unusually large posters.

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Here are our top 10 uses for poster frames in schools and universities.

1. Advertising

Whether you are advertising a bake sale, a school fair or an external event that may be of interest to your students, being able to display any advertising in a professional manner is a must. A poster frame will allow you to keep your adverts in one place, while also ensuring that they remain neat and tidy and don’t fall off your noticeboard.

2. Safety Messages

When it comes to your safety messages, you want to ensure that they are visible to everyone, don't become damaged or defaced, and don't fall off the wall. Poster frames, especially lockable ones, are a great way of displaying this critical information without worrying about how safe it is.

3. Security Messages

Security is a must, and whether it is your fire alarm procedure or the locations of the nearest fire exits, these are messages that you want everyone to be able to see without them becoming illegible.

4. After School Activities

Keeping all of your after-school activity posters in the same place will give your students the ability to look at them all in the one place. This will make it easier to decide exactly which club is for them, and of course, see if there are any clashes if there are a number of activities they want to take part in. This also gives you a specific place to put any notices that relate to activities that might have been cancelled or postponed. Students will know where to find the information they are looking for and won’t have to scan a random and unorganised noticeboard in order to find it.

5. Certificates and Awards

Certificates and awards that are presented to a school, or educational establishment, are a source of great pride and deserve to be displayed properly so that visitors can see them. Often these are the type of certificates that are presented on an annual basis, so a poster frame is a great place to display them. The contents can easily be updated as and when you need to, and the frame helps to make an important, visual feature of something you will want your visitors to take notice of.

6. Grades and Exam Results

Information relating to grades and results is really important, and this includes everything from exam dates and study sessions to the grades themselves. This is information that your students will want to be able to find, and certainly something that you don't want tampering with. So, using a lockable poster frame is a practical solution. Again, this will give your students an exact place that they can find the information they're looking for.

7. Up and Coming Events

Poster frames in the playground can be a good way of letting parents know about any up and coming events that you might be holding at your school. Parents will see these notices when they are picking up their children, and a good weatherproof poster frame will ensure that they are still legible even when it rains.

8. Teacher / Staff Announcements

Keep all your important notices for your staff in one place with a poster frame on the wall in your staffroom. You might want one of the larger poster frames for this as there is usually plenty of important information to share, from upcoming meetings to new books that people might be interested in.

9. Sports Events / Fixtures / Results

Sports events are a huge thing in schools, especially secondary schools and universities. A poster frame is a great place to post all of your upcoming fixtures and of course those all-important results so that everyone can see them and knows where to find them.

10. Inspiring Messages

Poster frames are a great place to display your inspiring messages for your students, they will keep them tidy, and of course, you can easily change the message as and when necessary.

With all these options for different places in the establishment, there’s no reason to let scruffy noticeboards bring down the aesthetic appeal of your school or university. Instead, you can display practical information in an attractive, easy to use format.

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