Top uses for magnetic whiteboards

Top uses for magnetic whiteboards

A whiteboard has many uses in the office or in the home, but a magnetic whiteboard can offer even more. With the added feature of being, well, magnetic, magnetic whiteboards give us a whole new range of options when it comes to displaying facts, figures, statistics, or drawings. As such, it seemed only fitting to highlight some of the best and most popular uses of the magnetic whiteboard.

For the office

If there’s anywhere you’re likely to put a magnetic whiteboard, it’s going to be in your office’s designated meeting room or on an accessible wall for passers-by. But wherever in the office your magnetic whiteboard ends up, it will get plenty more use that your old standard whiteboard.

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1. To brainstorm or showcase ideas

The best thing about magnetic whiteboards is how versatile they are. You and your colleagues aren’t going to be limited to just writing your ideas down using a dry erase pen. No, you’ll also be able to pin notes, drawings, and diagrams to the board without damaging it or using blutack or tape.

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2. To set goals or tasks

For event planning teams or small departments with approaching deadlines, nothing is more rewarding than a board full of goals and achievements. A magnetic whiteboard can give your goal list a bit of flair by letting you add your own magnets for each person. Give in to a little childish fun with some magnetic gold stars or have team member of the team personalise their list of goals with their own magnets.

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3. For notices

Nothing could be easier than quickly popping a notice into place by attaching it to your magnetic whiteboard with a fun magnet. With a larger board, you could easily section off part of it as a simple notice board; allowing office users to replace notices and update the rest of the room within moments.

For the paperless office, using that section of the board to write notices in colourful markers will work just as effectively!

For the home

Whether you have an office in a spare room at home or you’re using your magnetic whiteboard to entertain your children, there are many everyday uses of this particular piece of equipment.

1. Display artwork

For rented properties, it can be difficult to find places to admire the art that your children create. Luckily, even if your property has a rule about not nailing things to the walls, portable and freestanding magnetic whiteboards exist. These give you a space that you can hang up the drawings and work your children do; without your landlord getting involved.

Office whiteboard on wall

2. Reward systems

If you have young children that benefit from reward charts and systems, or even those who have chore charts to help them learn responsibility, then using a small magnetic whiteboard to display such things is perfect. Not only can you give them space to draw on it when they’re bored, you can also personalise their charts with different colours and magnets.

3. Timetables and schedules

One for the adults and the children in the house, having an erasable timetable or schedule is great. Magnetic whiteboards make your schedule visible, and you can even have separate ones in different colours for each member of the family. Keep everyone on track with tick-shaped magnetics and a schedule that encompasses every activity and appointment that you all need to keep during the week.

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This magnetic whiteboard use is especially popular for parents whose children have homework for their different classes, or for those who spend a lot of time in after school classes and activities.

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