Trade Shows on a Budget Why Folding Display Boards Are a Firm Favourite

Trade Shows on a Budget
Why Folding Display Boards Are a Firm Favourite

When it comes to creating a successful trade show stall on a budget, folding display panels remain a firm favourite for creating effective small displays. They allow you to create a completely new display to suit each event you attend, or just alter your display slightly as information is updated, as the panels are covered with loop nylon, a Velcro-compatible fabric.

Wherever you need to set up a quick and simple display – whether that’s a college, trade show, association display, exhibition, retail environment or conference – a folding panel kit will see you right. Particularly if you are looking to save money as much as possible. Without a doubt, folding display boards are one of the most cost-effective ways to look great when you present your business at roadshows, conferences, craft fairs and trade shows.

What Is a Folding Display Board?

Put simply, a folding display board is a set of hinged display panels that allow users to create quick and effective displays. A panel kit bag allows this display to be easily transported and stored. To allow additional flexibility for layout and transport, the hinges on panel kits are usually designed so that they will hinge both ways. If you want to create a display that you can set on a table or counter top, Red17’s Tabletop Heavy Duty Folding Display Boards offer all of the perks of a full-size display board in a more compact design. This product is offered as a kit with 3 main panels and a header board, and comes complete with a free storage bag with carrying handles and shoulder strap.

If you need a larger display panel kit, these are usually designed to sit on the floor and are made up of two sets of panels. One set will be set up directly on the floor, while the second set is set up on top of the first and secured in place with clips. As with the smaller kits, these main panel displays usually come with a header panel to show the title of your display.

Why Choose a Display Board?


A folding display board can fulfil many display requirements in almost any environment because they’re extremely versatile. They provide a professional and interactive way to promote your product or service at a trade show or conference.

Much more dynamic than the traditional method of leaving leaflets on tables, your display board can also be used to showcase the latest company news, promotions and competitions. You can tailor them to the event you are attending, and make the most of the time you spend there. Without it hurting your bank balance.


If you’re looking for a large, freestanding display area for your trade show stall, we’ve got your back! Products like our 10 Panel System will give you all the display space you need, with no poles or support beams in sight. Our display kits allow you to configure your own exhibition space that’s unique to your needs so that even if you’re a novice exhibitor with no shell scheme or bespoke display, you can still make a splash at your upcoming event.

Trade Shows on a Budget

It’s really important that you give careful consideration to what you’re going to spend on your trade show stall, whether you’re attending your first trade show or have been to many in the past. There are a multitude of different things you need to cost when planning for a trade show including, but not limited to,

  • Publicity
  • Wages
  • Stall fee
  • Transport
  • Display furniture
  • Design
  • Investing in promotional products for the event
  • Utilities
  • Advertising

Many of these expenses though, using good planning and preparation can be lowered or even completely removed from your budget. Your business can obviously benefit from a trade show – why else would they exist? But if you don’t keep a tight rein on your budget, these benefits could come at a hefty cost.

Trade Show Hall Picture

You and whoever joins you will also lose out on earnings just by taking the time out to attend and participate in the trade show.

Attending these kinds of events can give you benefits like leads, promotion and networking, and with a little planning it is possible to put together a trade show exhibit or display for under £1,000, or even less.

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Planning Your Trade Show Stall

Whilst this is such an important part of ensuring you have a constant stream of business, there are some important planning tips you need to remember. A big part of your company’s sales may well come from your trade show stalls – these exhibitions are fundamental for many businesses. Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind if you want to do it right.

  • Who’s going?
    Give some proper thought to who on your team will be the most successful at this event.

  • What are your advertising tools?
    Do you have a folding display stand or pop-up display? Are your leaflets up-to-date?

  • What can you offer people?
    What sets you apart from the other hundred businesses displaying at the show?

  • Who are you targeting?
    Anyone and everyone that comes through the doors are going to be coming your way but not everyone is going to be relevant to who you want to target.

  • Why are you exhibiting?
    Identifying why you’re exhibiting can help give you an aim or a goal for the event.

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