Turn Your Office into the Ultimate Team with These Top Tips

Team building in the office can be vital to increasing productivity and creating a harmonious working environment. If you can get everyone more comfortable and familiar with each other, there’s a much more relaxed atmosphere. Let’s face it, some members in the office are a little shy compared to others, so how can you get everyone working together like the ultimate team?

Physical movement

For those who work in an office for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, physical movement can often be very limited. The importance of moving about and getting up from your desk every once in a while will not only help your employees’ physical health but will also foster better communication skills.

If your office is split over more than one floor, or segregated into different parts of the building, taking the time to physically visit whoever it is you need to speak to can do a lot for building bridges. Even if that person is on the other side of the room, great teams are built upon communication and this is the ideal way to achieve this.

Avoid the email

For some people, they’re simply too busy to physically visit the IT department two floors below, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the usual boring email. Take the time to pick up the phone and call your colleague, instead.

Although emails are a vital communication tool, taking the extra time to call someone can be just the start of building a great working relationship. It can also eliminate any confusion or miscommunication that can often happen with emails and allow you to get things straightened out.

Collaborative workspace

There’s a lot to be said for collaborative workspaces. Especially when we spend so much of our lives in these environments, working together is crucial. Whether you achieve this by incorporating an open plan office space, creating small sociable areas employees can use at their leisure or simply encouraging them to be more interactive with what’s around them.

office whiteboard

One great way of achieving this communicative environment is via an office whiteboard. Rather than simply using it is as a note-taking tool, get creative with some accessories, gridding tape and magnetic shapes to turn it into something everyone can benefit from.

whiteboard gridding tape


At the end of the day, if you’re really looking to create a team atmosphere in the office, encourage your employees to hot-desk. This is the act of jumping from desk to desk on a daily basis in order to mingle with people from other departments that they may not necessarily talk to. Alternatively, if this is too much disruption, limit it to one day a week, and make a point of sitting people next to those they don’t normally interactive with otherwise you’ll end up having to deal with workplace cliques.

Extracurricular activities

If all else fails, take everyone down the pub. A lot can be said for extracurricular activities. Whether it’s a company lunch, team building games or just a cheeky pint down the pub on a Friday afternoon, there’s a whole host of activities that can help to bring everyone together.

Team Building Whiteboard