Understanding the Different Types of Literature Stands

You’d be amazed at the countless sizes and styles and the massive range of benefits available to you when you’re picking a humble literature stand for your business. If you don’t understand what each type of literature stand is for, it can be a nightmare trying to figure out which you should choose. Today we’re going to discuss the different uses that you get out of the different literature stands on the market right now.

Brochure Stands

Freestanding individual brochure display stands allow you to display and dispense one brochure, magazine or other piece of literature without them getting swamped by other options. You can get them in portrait or landscape format as a way of sharing your most important piece of literature and giving it pride of place in your reception or lobby.

Red17’s best-selling brochure stand is the Decorative Brochure Stand which features a moulded silver plastic base and a hidden steel plate to keep the whole thing stable. Its 3mm-thick polycarbonate shelf is fully recyclable while being strong enough to support a stack of literature up to 10cm thick.

Brochure Stands

This design is perfect for a wide range of uses and is the best way to make sure your most important brochure is the first thing anyone sees.

The Decorative Brochure Stand is currently available for just £55.00, reduced from £85.80.

Mobile Literature Stands

Mobile and portable literature stands allow you to move your display from place to place. They’re perfect for conventions and conferences, or for any business that doesn’t need a permanent, immobile literature stand.

The perfect mobile literature stand will be lightweight for easy movement and foldable for easy transportation, without making you miss out on overall functionality.

Options like the Zed-Up Portable Brochure Stand can be collapsed, transported and rebuilt as often as you need them.


A revolving stand is the best option if you want to display large quantities of literature and brochures. Revolving literature stands allow you to display a wide variety of literature in a range of different sizes, so they’re a perfect feature for any reception area, exhibition space or waiting room. That means your A5 leaflets can go up there right next to your A4 magazines!

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Wooden Brochure Stands

If you want a classy, permanent place to display all of your literature, a wooden brochure stand might just be the way to go. These stands are hard-wearing and can display literature of all different sizes.

Red17’s best-selling wooden brochure stand is the Wooden Oak Wall Mounted Brochure and Leaflet Dispenser. Users can easily select their chosen literature from this full face display, as its clear plastic covers keep the whole leaflet fully visible. It’s available for £76.00, reduced from £118.56.

Wall-Mounted Leaflet Dispensers

Of course, not every wall-mounted literature stand has to be heavy-duty. For those who want to hang their material on the walls without investing in a wooden frame, smaller lightweight options are available.

Wire Wall Mounted Literature Dispensers are economical and simple, and get the job done just as well as a more permanent design. They’re the perfect way to make your A4 magazines and materials visible. Meanwhile, Panorama Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispensers are available in 6 different sizes, 7 different colours and can be mounted side by side to create a beautiful rainbow of high-quality literature.

Should I choose a freestanding or a wall-mounted brochure stand?

It’s really easy to get confused about which literature stand will work best for your business. The good news is that whichever you choose, you can be sure that a literature stand bought from Red17 will be a high-quality product. All the same, there are some key differences which you may wish to take into account.

  • If you want a literature stand that’s easy to move, a freestanding stand might be best for you.
  • Wall-mounted literature stands can generally withstand more wear and tear.
  • Freestanding displays are often especially eye-grabbing.
  • If you want a long-lasting display, opt for a wall-mounted stand.

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Desktop Leaflet Dispensers

If you want somewhere to display literature but don’t have any floor- or wall-space to spare, your best bet might be a small desktop leaflet dispenser. These are available in a wide range of sizes and fit right on your desk so anyone who stops by your reception or information stand can find all the information they need.

Red17’s Multi-Compartment Leaflet Dispenser is available in packs of 2 for just £13.00.

Why do I need a literature stand at all?

A wide range of business types can benefit from a leaflet dispenser or literature stand – these are incredibly versatile and handy tools. They can be used by almost anyone – not just waiting rooms and libraries! You can find a literature stand that is…

  • Portable – Give your best at your next exhibition or conference!
  • Strong – Choose a stand that’s with you for the long haul!
  • Lightweight – Keep your placement options open!
  • Rotational – Show off all your literature at once!
  • Accessible – Think about the height of your display so that it’s useful for everyone!
  • Versatile – Make use of every type of literature!

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A good literature stand is a vital promotional tool for almost all business types. They’re an engaging and professional way to promote, display and share printed information in the form of menus, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets and flyers.

Red17 is the perfect place to look for any literature stand you need, whether it’s portable or wall-mounted, desktop or revolving. Check out our options online, or give our team a call at 01234 240 007.

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