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Use Displays to Attract Students at Freshers' Week

It doesn’t matter on the industry that you work in or the business that you run, students are one of the most important demographics to appeal to. Not only are students always open to trying new services and products, but they also have the time to truly get to know what it is that you’re offering. However, attracting them isn’t always easy. Whether they are passing by on foot or stumbling passed in a nightclub, it can be difficult to advertise to students. Luckily, there are display signs that can help. By using the correct types of display, you can successfully attract students and increase your customer numbers.

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Displays Can Be Used at Freshers’ Week

Up and down the country, students are getting ready for Freshers’ Week. Freshers’ Week brings with it students old and new all of which are looking to find out more about local clubs, bars, restaurants and businesses. In order to stand out from your competitors, you will need to use high quality displays.

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  • Sign Holders - If you’re hosting an event that’s likely to become busy, you may want to invest in sign holders. Show card stands can direct queues, keeping everyone in line and organised. They also work well for providing general information to students, such as information about an event.

  • Sign Holders

  • Pavement Signs - Pavement signs work well for most businesses, as they direct students passing by into a business. If you’re offering Freshers’ Week discounts or special menu items, a pavement sign is a good way to showcase this.

  • Pavement Signs

  • Poster Frames - Poster frames are ideal for restaurants, bars and nightclubs; the typical places that students tend to visit. This is because they can display advertisements and posters along walls, on the back of toilet doors, at the bar and anywhere else that a snap frame may be seen. Though a simple display, snap frames are easily seen. Snap frames can also be used by Universities and Colleges themselves to provide students with important information, such as timetables and maps.

  • Poster Frames

  • Poster Holders - A poster holder is a fantastic way to advertise upcoming events, as it clearly displays posters to anyone who passes by. By placing a poster holder in a busy area, you have the opportunity to advertise to a large group of people but without the hefty cost.

  • Poster Holders Floor Standing

  • Flags - Nothing grabs a student’s attention quite like a display flag. Whether it’s placed outside of the Student Union or outside of a local bar, a feather flag works well for event promotion. Not only is a feather flag large enough to display a lot of information, they also grab attention.

  • feather flags

At Red17, we understand the importance of advertising to students. This is why we make sure that we have a range of displays to help you. To find out more about any of our displays or signage options, get in touch. A member of the Red17 team is always on hand to help.

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