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Things to Consider While Using the School Notice Board

School notice boards have an important role to play when it comes to a classroom setup as all the important information related to school activities or classroom prospects are pinned on them. These can prove to be an effective learning tool if used in the right manner. Furthermore, here are some of the elements on the notice board that you need to consider in order to make it appealing to the students:

School Corridor Notice Boards

  • Decorative boards – Use the bare wall in your classroom to put up something interesting for the students and turn it into a creative masterpiece. Choose a theme for the notice board such as festivals, sports day, seasons, etc., and ask the students to give in their inputs.

  • Display – Notice boards are often placed outside the classrooms, and each of the sections probably has their board to deck up. You can ask the students in the class to put up their creative work and come up with creative ideas to make the board stand out.

  • Informative or Conceptual boards – If in case the board is used inside the classroom, then it can be used as an informative one to display reference materials such as maps, timetables, assignments, periodic tables depending upon the requirements of the class. For teachers, the boards can be best used to supplement the current lesson plan.

  • Interactive boards – If the bulletin board is to be made more interactive, then it would require proper planning and inputs from the students. An interactive board can be used as a learning tool if it is used in the right manner. With these, you can promote skills like recognition, problem-solving, and much more especially for the children in the junior sections such as play-school.
  • Multi Bank School Notice Boards

  • Borders – To frame the notice board, you can make use of borders and hide the choppy edges. Layer different coloured borders to give a matte look or you can even scrunch the strips of coloured roll paper to make a border that looks bunchy. Also, if you have chosen a theme for your board, you can create borders that have similar elements.

  • Use pop culture elements – Children these days are inclined towards pop culture and such as theme can also be used for the notice board to grab their attention and resonate with their interests. Use quotes from popular movie characters that promote a positive attitude. For sports-related themes, use quotes that encourage teamwork and perseverance. Or apart from these, you can even use characters from a book or comic.

  • Use 3D designs – Just by adding dimension to the bulletin board, you can make the entire design pop off which can grab attention instantly. For example, a forest theme notice board can be decorated with fringed grass, tree branches that grow off the board. Use pipe cleaners, party balloons, and other supplies to give a new appeal to the board.

  • School Noticeboards

Choosing the right Notice Board

Notice boards need to be chosen wisely according to the structure and requirement of the classroom and here are some of the factors that need to be kept in mind while purchasing them:

  • Material – Notice boards are available in a variety of materials such as rubber, cork, and even fabric. The last ones come in a variety of colours, and the one with the cork texture has the same feel as that of the cork. Fabric boards might get damaged with subsequent usage while the cork ones remain sturdy.

  • Notice Boards

  • Writeable – If you are looking for a board on which you can write then go for marker or chalkboards as they provide a good writing surface.

  • Combination Boards

  • Lockable – Enclosed notice boards come with locking doors that are meant for security concerns.

  • Lockable Notice Boards

  • Size – The size of the notice boards can range from 18" by 24" to even full wall length. Just check out what is the requirement of the class and select the right size.

  • Aluminium framed school notice board

  • Visual Appeal – In order to make the notice board appealing, you can opt for a particular colour scheme and use display colours that are appealing to the eyes. Add dimensions to the board by using materials that give such an effect. When it comes to the structure, go for the basic strategy and focus on the content that is more important and maintain the flow accordingly.

  • Notice Board with Sliding Glass Doors

    Just to make the classroom environment more interactive, you can use a simple element such as a notice board to transform the dull environment. Involve all the students in the class to give their inputs regarding the themes and try to make it interactive.

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