Using Pavement Signs To Boost Your Brand

Using Pavement Signs To Boost Your Brand

Online marketing techniques and advertising strategies have been proven to get more customers and eyeballs on your products. Yet, with an increasing focus on online prompting, many businesses are missing a vital trick in attracting more customers. With a pavement sign, businesses can promote, engage and advertise their products and services. Pavement signs come in different forms and are used in a number of ways. Here, we will uncover these and the uses of pavement signs.

Pavement Signs Examples

What Types Of Pavement Signs Are There?

Pavement signs are a simple and effective concept, but there are different types of pavement signs made to serve different purposes. Here are some popular types that have become part of the high-street furniture:

A-Board Signs - A-boards are often used for directional purposes. They inform passers-by of your business’s location or point them in the direction of a specific product or service.

A-Board Sign Example

Swing Signs - these pavement signs are as efficient as they are effective. They display a simple message and can be set up or folded away in quick time for convenience. They are also exceptionally durable to withstand the elements.

Swing Sign Example

Chalkboard Signs - highly popular outside pubs and coffee shops, the chalkboard sign is the go-to pavement sign for anyone wanting a reusable sign that can be updated effortlessly.

Chalkboard Signs Example

Forecourt Signs - for a larger aesthetic, businesses can choose to get a forecourt sign. They come available in an array of styles and finishes to suit business needs and current branding. They can be used outdoors or indoors in shopping centres but most often found in garage stations and petrol filling forecourts.

Forecourt Sign Example

What Can Pavement Signs Be Used For?

Just like there are different types of pavement signs, there are different uses to such signage. Some of the above types are more specific to certain purposes. Let’s run through some of the most popular reasons businesses choose to invest in a pavement sign.

The most obvious use is to advertise – but businesses can use them to advertise different things. One business may want to advertise their flagship product and may choose a permanent stylish forecourt sign to meet their needs. Alternatively, a hip clothing store located down a concealed alleyway may want a board sign to make the general public aware of their existence. On the other hand, a coffee shop may just want to advertise their cake of the day, which will need to be changed each day. For this purpose, the cafe will benefit from a chalkboard pavement sign the best.

Cafe with Chalk A-Board Sign

Another use for a pavement sign is to build branding and a relationship with high-street wanderers. You will probably have seen funny quotes about coffee or beer outside some establishments. There may be an undertone of marketing to these messages, but they predominantly serve as a way to engage with potential customers and promote a certain type of branding.

Forecourt Signs - cropped image

Overall, the benefits of these long-lasting marketing and brand-awareness products are undeniable and any premises missing one is missing an important trick. If growing your business is the aim, pavement signs are the name of the game!

Where Can I Get A Pavement Sign?

f you have an eye on one of our types of pavement signs and want to increase the number of visitors to your store, then get in touch!

Here at Red17, we have a selection of pavement signs to cater to different business needs. Our durable, portable and stylish signage can be delivered across the UK the following day. To place an order or get your questions answered, give our friendly team a call on 01234 240 007.

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