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Using Portable Flag Poles To Promote Your Brand

Standing out in the crowd has never been more important or challenging for businesses in the modern world of commerce. If you want to promote your brand and grab people’s attention, you might like to consider portable flag poles.

Signage and branding is vital in today’s competitive market place. Whether you’re on the high street or attending a local event or trade show, you ideally want something you can display easily and move when you need it.

Flexibility is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Why settle for branded signs that you can’t move when you can opt for ones that you can easily lift up and take from A to B? That’s where portable flag poles come in.

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What Are Portable Flag Poles?

A typical banner flag pole usually consists of a flexible frame, a sturdy base that can be filled with water to anchor it and a flag or section of material on which your business branding can be printed.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are proving increasingly popular as a way of advertising businesses, particularly on the high street. Because you can move the portable flag poles from one position to another it makes them a lot more flexible than other banner advertising.

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How to Use Portable Flag Poles

If you run a café or bar, for a example, portable flag poles are a great way to attract attention from a distance. You can put them out on the street where people can see them and they can withstand relatively strong breezes.

The fluttering of the flag in the wind is a unique way to guide people’s eyes to your business. If you add in some great branding and visuals, you can quickly create something eye-catching to promote your brand.

Banner flag poles can be moved about as and when you need them. If your business has an event planned or exhibition, for example, your banner can simply be packed up and moved there. Lightweight and easy to erect, your staff will find it a literal breeze to put up and take down. In crowded conference arenas, they will stand tall above the delegates, highlighting where your business is and attracting more customers.

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Banner flag poles can also be static, however. You can get models that could be fitted securely to the wall above your office, store, bar or café.

The Benefits For Your Business

If you are searching for flexible advertising for your brand, there’s no better solution than portable flag poles. Many businesses opt to have two or three which they place around their premises and perhaps take with them when they attend a conference or exhibition.

Because they are lightweight, the banner flag poles are easy to move and position when you need to transfer them to a different place. Maintenance is fairly simple and with modern printing techniques you can have the banner perfectly tailored to your brand in next to no time.

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Where to Buy Banner Flag Poles

At Red 17, we have a wide selection of different banner flag poles to suit almost any business or organisation. We can also handle the printing for your brand, all of which is included in the price of purchase so you don’t have to look elsewhere. Our products come with a variety of different base types which means you can decide to be portable or fixed to the ground, depending on your needs.

You can find selection of portable flag poles here.

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