Using Poster Frames to display Coronavirus notices

Using Poster Frames to display Coronavirus notices

During this unprecedented global crisis, it is more important than ever that your business’s Coronavirus policies are laid out clearly. Patrons and staff alike need to be able to parse your instructions and policies at a glance. Your posters need to be written in large bold fonts that are easy to understand, and durable in the face of weather and vandals.

If you ask us, the best way to highlight your Coronavirus notices is to frame them in a professional poster frame. Not only will this keep your costly posters safe from harm, poster frames draw attention to safety information that is more important now more than ever.

Poster frame on wall having poster changed

What kind of information should you be posting?

It is an incredibly challenging time for many of us, as many businesses are partially or fully closing down for the foreseeable future. Companies that are still operating during the lockdown have had to adapt quickly to ever-changing circumstances. Part of this adaptation includes taking up increasingly cautious strategies to protect staff and customers in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Businesses are enacting critical communication strategies by enforcing new rules and posting clear notices. These include the 2m distancing rule, regular hand washing, and (for some industries) the newly implemented practise of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Companies must ensure that these notices are visible to all people who enter the premises, as all staff and customers need to be able to completely understand all new policies put into place, and know how to best follow them safely. 

Infographic - COVID-19 Poster with safety rules and advice

Why use a poster frame instead of a photo frame?

In one word, the answer is simple: durability. Poster frames usually use a clear plastic or Perspex cover instead of the glass used in typical photo frames. The reason for this is mainly due to practicality – commercial poster frames are usually placed in businesses where children or machinery are present, and so glass would not be practical. 

Businesses also often need to hang posters outdoors, on the exterior of their business premises. A thin plastic pane is therefore much better for poster frames, as glass is delicate and prone to cracking or dangerous accidents when placed outside.

Poster frames are always the best way to display any important notice. Similar to a frame in the home, poster frames come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

line of example of poster frames in different colours

Types of Poster Frames

As one of the leading suppliers of poster frames in the UK, we stock and deliver a wide variety of different poster frames. Each type has a slightly different purpose, and are suitable for different things. The best poster frame for your Coronavirus posters will depend on the location you plan to hang it, and the feature you are trying to highlight. Some of our most common types of poster frames include the following:

illustration graphic of a snap action poster frame
Snap Frames

A snap frame allows you to place the poster inside the frame from the front, so that you can adjust or change the poster without having to remove the back or take the frame off the wall. The edges open and closed, making these frames incredible easy to use and especially convenient if you plan to change or adjust the display on a regular basis, and as health guidance changes.

close up picture of corner of snap frame

Lockable Poster Frames

Lockable poster frames have secure locks on the front that prohibit your frames for being opened by anyone except the key holder. This can be useful if you want to protect your posters from possible vandalism, or you want to restrict people from adjusting the display.

Locking of a lockable poster frame

Coloured Poster Snap Frames

A coloured poster snap frame is very similar to a standard snap frame, except they come in an impressive array of different colours. We offer sixteen different colour options to choose from, so that your poster frame can fit in with your branding scheme. The coloured snap frames help draw attention to the notice and create an attractive display.

examples of frame colours available as poster snap frames

Floor Standing Poster Frames

A floor standing poster frame has a wide base placed on the floor and a long thin pole that connects to the poster. They are perfect for placing at the front of a building or as the first point of contact for people before they are even inside your premises. They are very eye-catching, and can be placed in prominent pathways, so that everyone has to take note of the message displayed before they pass. Floor standing poster frames can also be easily picked up and moved to another location.

4 types of information stand floor standing poster frames

Illuminated Poster Frames

Illuminated frames are very similar to standard frames, except they project light and light up your poster, even in the dark. This is important if your business needs to communicate a message 24/7, so that customers and employees are still able to read the notice even when it is dark.

Example of illuminated poster frame - Niche Cosmetics

Outdoor Poster Frames

Outdoor poster frames are similar to those that you would use inside, but they are built with a thicker frame and more resistant materials to protect your poster outdoors, during all different types of weather. If you want to place your notices outside it is important to use a frame that is specifically for outdoor use so that they are protected from vandalism, inclement weather, and theft.

close up of outdoor poster case display in silver

Why should you use Poster Frames to display coronavirus notices?

There are many different benefits to using poster frames to help you communicate your Coronavirus notices.

  1. Preserve and Protect Coronavirus Notices
    A key benefit of using a poster frame is to preserve and protect all of your displayed notices. If your company has a lot of customers coming and going every day, it is essential that your notices can withstand the high traffic, and are still be able to communicate the information at the end of the day.

  2. Enable posters to be securely fixed to the wall
    Poster frames allow you to securely attach your Coronaviruses to any wall. When you pin or place a poster on to the wall itself or onto an uncovered notice board, you run the risk that it may come unattached, fall down, or get knocked off. During this time, your Coronavirus notices are crucial, and you need to make sure that the announcements are on display at all times. Using a poster frame guarantees that you can safely secure all of your important information. 

  3. Provide a more professional look
    A poster frame provides a much more professional appearance than merely sticking a poster to a wall with pins or thumbtacks. This is particularly important, as many businesses are currently displaying important Coronavirus notices, but they still need to maintain a professional and trustworthy appearance. People are much more likely to pay attention and take a notice seriously if it is displayed professionally and attractively. 

  4. Extensive range of shapes, sizes and designs
    Poster frames come in a wide range of sizes, and can be found at very affordable prices. They are also available in a variety of colours and are made from many different materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. Therefore, you are able to choose the most appropriate type of poster frame for your notices. 

  5. They can be placed any location required
    A key benefit of using poster frames is that you can place them in any location that you require. They can be used both inside and outside buildings, ensuring that the message you are trying to communicate is able to be displayed in an appropriate location where people will be able to see it clearly. 

  6. They are more eye-catching 
    A poster placed in a large metal poster frame with a brightly coloured border is more appealing and eye-catching that a small A4 print-out or hand-drawn poster. People will be more drawn to a large frame with an attractive poster inside, and your Coronavirus will be more likely to be closely followed. 

Poster Frames montage

Red17 can help you choose a poster frame

It is more essential now than ever that your business is able to clearly display your Coronavirus notices and all safety policies that have been put in place to help fight the pandemic. Poster frames enable you to securely attach posters and warnings to the walls both inside and outside your building. They are also the most effective way of making sure the message that they are displaying stands out and is visible to everyone.

If you need help or guidance to choose the best poster frame for your Coronavirus notices, email or call our dedicated Red17 team.

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