Using iPads At Trade Shows

iPads have become increasingly popular since they were first released in 2010. Due to this increase, they have become a most common feature at trade shows. This has meant that exhibitors and attendees no longer need to deal with just printed brochures or those old-fashioned static PCs. If you are interested in having displays at trade shows that are more effective and successful, check out 10 awesome reasons why you should use iPads to do this.

Makes a Great First Impression

If your company uses iPads at your display stands at shows, it gives attendees and potential customers a great first impression, suggesting that you are professional, on trendy and cool.

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Shares Information in a Cost-Effective and Easier Way

Although the initial price for iPads is not cheap, using them at your displays at trade shows can reduce your budget. You don’t need to print off leaflets or brochures as you can just print off the same information or even send it via email. Furthermore, depending on the iPad models you invest in, you have a wireless internet connection.

Increased Mobility

Often, at trade shows, if you are displaying brochures or have a PC set up, your sales staff is tethered to the stands. Having stands for iPads or similar tablet devices, though, means they can walk around and share information including your website, price lists, videos and more with attendees, drawing attention to your stands.

Great for Using in Competitions

iPads can be utilised in two great ways for competitions at trade shows – both in the actual management and running of competitions and as a prize. When attendees see that you are offering a popular item like an iPad in your competition, they are more likely to take part, and this is an easy way to gather personal information you can use for marketing campaigns in the future.

Used for Feedback from Customers

Tablets like iPads can be used for gaining feedback on your displays from customers attending that can help you improve them for future shows.

Saves Time

There are various apps you can use on iPads and tablets that can help you save time collecting important information from delegates’ business cards.

Customer Information Collection

You can use tablets and iPads to collect details of customers to build up your mailing lists. As well as saving time, it also saves you work as you don’t have to make manual notes and then put them into the database.

Less Staff Are Required to Attend

When you use videos, presentations and interactive displays you can reduce the size of your team at trade shows. By using iPads, you can keep your customers interested until members of staff are able to help them.

Engage Better with Prospective Customers

You can use iPads to feature videos and games that will attract the attention of your target audience better. Videos can also be used to explain and describe products better than you can.

Increased Flexibility

If you are using printed brochures and leaflets indicating your prices, you are then stuck with them and can’t changed them until after the show. However, if you are using an iPad or tablet, you can even update or reduce the price during the show if you need to change tactics and are trying to target a greater number of people.

As trade shows are very competitive, iPads and tablets are essential to give your displays the edge.

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