Using pavement signs to increase business

Using pavement signs to increase business

Pavement signs are all about announcing your business and your products to the public. They allow you to spread your message through marketing in an unobtrusive way; which is exactly how the average person prefers it. No one likes being stopped on the street or being called constantly, but pavement signs offer a more personal approach to getting the word out about your business without getting in the way of people trying to shop on the high street.

In order to entice people to actually look at what you have to offer, you need to make the outside of your business stand out in some way. We see it all the time with coffee shops and bakeries; colourful pavement signs written in swirling chalk that are beautiful, cursive, but still readable. A pavement sign is a hugely accepted way of advertising and increasing the visibility of your business. Plus, because it’s portable and lightweight, you can put it outside your business without needing to have permission from any local councils. In addition, you can bring it in if it gets too windy or starts raining heavily (or if it’s closing time!).

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Grab attention

If your sign looks great, potential customers will notice it and be enticed to read it. Make it colourful, make it stand out, and make sure the information that you write on it is catchy and easy to understand. There’s no point having a pavement sign that no one can read, after all.

A pavement sign is just another marketing tool. You can use it every day, for any message or piece of information that you want to give to the public. Of course, many pavement signs are pre-printed (not every business has a chalkboard pavement sign, no matter how useful they are), so you may find that you want one or two signs that you can change out throughout the year. Keep the outside of your business front as interesting as the inside.

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Making use of your Pavement Sign

There are several ways you can use your pavement sign to increase your customer base. First of all, remember that a pavement sign doesn’t need to be directly outside of your business. If you have permission, you could secure it a little bit away in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic and use it to direct potential customers towards your building.

Alternatively, use your sign to tell your customers about any special or seasonal offers that you might have on the go at that time. Some signs can be partially printed, leaving room for you to write the rest of a message by yourself. These are great to add information that can be changed whenever you’d like. Imagine a pavement sign with your branding, a great customer message, and a lot of white space for you to use. Highlight your offers, your sales, your special promotions, and showcase exactly what kind of services you can offer the people that pass by your store each and every day.

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