Pop-Up Stands for Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Events

What Are Pop-Up Stands?

So you've heard people mention pop up stands but you're not quite sure what they are?

Pop-up stands are something you’ll see at every trade show or conference. They’re branded backwall displays used to make a big impact at events and draw attention to the company using them. They’re an incredibly popular promotional display option for retail spaces and events because they’re eye-catching, highly portable and easy to assemble.

Why Should I Use a Pop-Up Stand?

Easy to Use

Pop-up stands can be set up in seconds with great ease, because they’re designed to be used on the go. Up and running within minutes, these stands are a joy to work with and provide the perfect backdrop for your business display.

Easy to set up pop-up stand demonstration pictures

Use on the Go

By rail, plane or car, it’s really easy to transport a pop-up stand to and from trade show events, making them a cost-effective solution that you can use again and again. With strong cases and lightweight frames, these tools are designed to be collapsed and carried as often as you need.

Uses of Pop-Up Systems

It’s always beneficial for a business to attend exhibitions, no matter what industry you’re operating in. They’re the perfect way to broaden your customer base, create brand awareness and build networks with other businesses that could be useful to you. If you’re promoting a new service or product, they’re a great way to get the word out. But exhibitions can be crowded – how are you meant to stand out? This is where exhibition displays and stands come in.

Turning up with anything other than a high quality stand or display won’t cut it at an exhibition, where it’s important that you make the best impression possible. Whenever you need creative and professional marketing materials, Red17 are here with quality marketing and materials to get the job done.

Women Hanging Panel on a Pop-Up Stand Display

Which Pop-Up Style is Best for Me?

There are so many different pop-up styles available, and it can be hard to choose just one for your exhibition display. Every pop-up has its own unique qualities and benefits. This handy chart should help you figure out which option is right for you.

Things to consider…

  • Delivery time: Once ordered how long does it take for your display stand to be made and delivered.
  • Location: Can you pop-up stand be used outdoor or just inside venues only.
  • Print Included: Does your product come with printed graphics or is this an extra cost.
  • Expansive: Does your product allow for addition to be added at a later date, for example double sided graphics.
  • Size: does the portable display stand come in optional sizes and which is best for your needs.
  • Portable: Is the product you are considering collapsible and compact enough for you to easily transport.
  • Assembly: How easy is it to set up and pack away and can it be done by just one person.
  • Storage: Does your pop-up stand come with its own case for storage and transportation.
  • Updating: Can you simply order replacement graphic panels if you want to refresh the look with a new design.
  • Quality: Are you buying from a reputable company with good customer reviews. Remember price isn't everything!

Impact 3x3 Curved - all in one bundle

Impact Curved Pop-Up Display Stand

Quick Tower - Pop-up Display Stand

Quick Tower Pop-up Stand

Hop-up Display Stand

Hop-Up Display Stand

Watch Video Blog: Product Video: How to set up an Impact Hop-Up Display Stand

What’s the Best Way to Use a Pop-Up Display Stand?

There are a range of different ways to use a pop-up stand, because they’re such a versatile marketing tool. What you’re marketing will determine the ways in which you use your stand, but there are some popular uses that are always worth considering:

  • Use your pop-up stand to show existing clients a new service or product. Visitors will get a chance to learn about your products and services if you place your pop-up stand at your office reception, in a meeting room or outside your business. Even if your clients have no use for the service you’re offering when they first see the promotion, it’s likely to stick in their mind so they can remember it if they have a use for it in the future.

  • As a way of creating brand awareness. You don’t need to be marketing a specific service or product to get use out of a pop-up display stand. A great deal of marketing can actually be done by simply placing displays around your business with quotes, basic information and logos. Whenever your customer sees a display, they’ll be reminded of your business and its branding without even realising it.

  • As a way to encourage potential customers or clients to pop in. A pop-up display stand can encourage someone to come in even if they initially walked past without bothering to see what was on offer. This is popular with car dealers and those who trade outside.

  • As a way to stand out from a business’ competitors. Any business can create a professional image with a pop-up display stand – they make a statement and they really look the part.

Pop-Up Stand with Wheeled Case

Pop-up display stands can be extremely useful whether you want to grow your customer base or market your company to other businesses. Take a look at our range of options – there’s bound to be something perfect for you!

A Good Alternative to Pop-Up Display Stands

You could always consider a roller banner stand if you need a quick and simple display stand but don’t quite need something as big as a pop-up display stand, or are working on a smaller budget. Your stand will be ready in seconds – all you need to do is retract a roller vertically upwards and clip it at the top. This product is designed with quick assembly and portability in mind.

Roller Banner Stands

Roller banner stands allow high-quality prints and graphic design to be displayed in a sleek and stylish manner, so it’ll take just a glance to impress your visitors. They’re perfect for quick pitches – just set up your roller banner stand and your service’s qualities will be clear for all to see in a matter of seconds.

Firefly Roller Banner Stand Display

From their hybrid telescopic pole that allows for easy height adjustment to their adjustable feet to level out for uneven surfaces, there are so many clever customisable features on this seemingly humble display. And it’s so easy to bring them from place to place without fearing damage – the roller banner’s practical padded bag will ensure its safe travel.

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