If you’ve recently invested in a whiteboard, or perhaps you’re looking for some useful whiteboard accessories, then it’s worth considering investing in a whiteboard cleaner. When using a newly purchased whiteboard, it’s easy to simply wipe off marks with a dry eraser but as the board is used more often, stubborn stains are often left behind.

In some scenarios, the office whiteboard is rarely updated – this is particularly relevant when they’re being used to display important information. The result means that it can be difficult to get rid of those long-lasting whiteboard marks. And so the logical solution is to invest in a whiteboard cleaner, so what do you need to know?

Great for getting stubborn stains

Simply wiping writing away with a dry eraser is often not enough for whiteboard markers and so whiteboard cleaners are excellent in getting at those stubborn stains and turning an old, grubby whiteboard into a pristine-looking white one, like when it was new.

Helps keep board in good condition

This kind of regular maintenance can help to keep the board in top condition. This is particularly important in areas where the board is on display to visitors or guests, or if your keen for the place to look neat and professional.

Helps boards to last longer’

Ultimately, good maintenance will also help the board to last longer and prevent it from needing to be replaced in just a few years. Whiteboards are incredibly durable and long lasting tools, but when not cared for correctly, they can become easily damaged. This can include writing that has been left on the board for a long amount of time becoming permanent. Even after wiping it with a dry eraser, the lingering letters still leave a mark on the surface of the board.

Uses a special formula

So the benefits of using a whiteboard cleaner help to maintain the board in good condition, and they do this by using a special formula to provide the board with a deep clean that it wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Very versatile

Likewise, some cleaners are very versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including glass whiteboards and chalkboards. It’s worth investigating which types of cleaners are available and which will suit your needs best.

Check for harmful chemicals

Before you make any purchase, it’s first important to ensure that you buy your whiteboard cleaner from a reputable seller. Although it isn’t as harmful as a standard cleaning product, you are still dealing with a chemical formula. Checking the contents of the cleaner, if you’re unsure about the supplier, is vital to determining what exactly is in the solution. However, many sellers might not have the information available so it’s worth using a little bit of savvy to determine whether you think the solution is safe, particularly in an environment that involves children.

There are a wide variety of benefits of choosing a whiteboard cleaner as part of your routine maintenance of the whiteboard, but be sure to check it first before using so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

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