Stylish Restaurant with Menu Display Case Outside

What a Stylish Outdoor Menu Display Case Says About Your Restaurant

When people are choosing somewhere to eat, they normally look for somewhere attractive and that has a decent ambience. They also like to check the menu. It’s no use going inside a restaurant if it doesn’t serve the kind of food you are looking for.

That’s why many cafes and restaurants nowadays have a menu display case outside. It gives passing customers the opportunity to look at what is on offer and find out whether it tickles their taste buds, all without the hassle of having to queue for a table inside.

Your Menu Box Attracts Attention

The first thing you want your menu display case to do is to attract attention. The reason that many restaurants and café have one outside their door or down next to the street is that it gets people to stop and take a closer look. Today’s modern menu boxes are easy to install and have lockable and waterproof features as well as LED lighting to make them easier to read.

Menu Light Boxes

It Immediately Sets the Scene for Your Customer

While the design and size of the display case is going to be important, the other factor is the branding and design of your menu that goes inside. This is an opportunity for you to tell a culinary story. If you are a restaurant that specialises in certain foods, including attractive images and mouth-watering descriptions will encourage customers to step inside.

Perhaps you are a seaside café or restaurant and offer budget options for families. Making your menu display fun and attractive with competitive pricing will be high on your agenda.

Restaurant Menu Box

Boosting Footfall

An attractive menu box should, if it’s done well, bring more customers through your door. To get it right first time, you first need to look at the display from their point of view and what is likely to encourage them to come inside. Make sure the display is clean and attractive and puts across all the right messages and you should expect good results.

Indoor Menu Display Cases

It’s not just outside that menu display cases work well. If you have a busy restaurant or café, including one near the front door or service counter will make things a lot easier for your customers. It also gives them something interesting to look at and can speed up their order choices, making your operation a lot more efficient.

Tips on Placing Your Menu Box

If you want to make sure that your menu display case has a big impact on your business, there are a few simple rules you need to follow.

First, placement is everything. If your menu box is out of the way or partially concealed, you can’t expect it to do its job properly. Step out onto the street and find the best position where passing potential customers will be able to see your menu clearly.

The next thing you need to consider is what you put inside the menu box. Is it the full menu or just a snapshot of what you offer? You may try what many restaurants do and simply put a copy of your menu in there or you might want to design something from scratch that has more impact.

Finally, make sure that it’s easy to read. That might include having a bigger menu and including LED lighting so that those passing by can read it at night.

Menu Display Case examples

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