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What is a reasonable budget for an outdoor notice board?

If you’re considering buying an outdoor notice board for the first time, you may not be entirely sure what you’re looking for or what prices you can expect. The moment you start searching for outdoor notice boards, you will come across a lot of the same kind of products – usually boards with a plastic cover or more expensive lockable cases.

All of these outdoor notice boards are easily recognisable – we walk past them consistently on the street, especially if we visit an area where there are lots of busy and popular restaurants. If a restaurant takes bookings, it is extremely likely that they will have some form of outdoor notice board on the wall of the restaurant for customers to look at before they go in. But it’s not only restaurants who use outdoor notice boards to display their menus and offers and entice new customers for the day. Cafés do the same thing, and so do smaller fast food or dessert restaurants.

Poster case notice board for external use

The idea of an outdoor notice board is to make your business more enticing. Though they are used by the restaurant industry more than any other, all kinds of companies and organisations that have a building can benefit from an outdoor notice board. We’ve spoken a lot about restaurants and businesses, but schools often use them, as well! Not only that, but community centres, village halls, churches, and many other places benefit from the wonderful nature of an outdoor notice board.

Outdoor notice boards work exactly the same way an indoor notice board works; which ultimately means that you can post more notices for your employees to find and read when they come across a board – or for your customers who may be deciding whether or not to come inside and do business with you.

An outdoor notice board is a gateway between your organisation and the people that interact with it. Outdoor notice boards should be placed in strategically chosen spots that are visible to passers-by. A notice boards is, arguably, one of the most effective forms of communication a business can use. They’re much more environmentally friendly that leaflets and flyers, and with the right kind of notice board, you won’t need to replace your sign again any time soon.

So, let’s talk about the costs of an outdoor notice board and what a reasonable budget entails for any business looking to make an investment into one or two of them.

The typical outdoor notice board will set your organisation back by approximately £80 - £100. Of course, as with all products, you may find one cheaper or one that is more expensive. It all depends on the type of board that you want and which supplier that you buy your outdoor notice boards from.

Standard lockable outdoor notice boards that are quite wide can be found on the cheaper side of the market, but slimmer boards tend to cost more. Larger boards are usually more expensive that smaller boards, too, and you should also take colour and style into account.

As for budgeting, if your organisation only needs to buy one or two outdoor notice boards, then you shouldn’t have any issues. If you are looking to buy more of them, consider contacting individual suppliers to enquire about buying in bulk. Your outdoor notice boards should adhere to your business’ needs – there’s no point buying a board that doesn’t lock if you need one that does lock. Remember that there are endless possibilities that come from investing in an outdoor notice board for your business, too!

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