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What’s the Best Type of Whiteboard for My Classroom?

Once completely dominated by chalkboards, the tasks of displaying, explaining and exploring information have now been passed on to the whiteboard in this generation’s classroom.

Not only the most popular, but in our opinion, a firm favourite to be voted the best type of whiteboard for classrooms is a wall mounted magnetic whiteboard. Available in many sizes and frame styles, making it easy to find the right one for your classroom these represent the classic traditional whiteboard sure to be found in every school across the land.

Read on to find out more about the different types of whiteboards for classrooms.

Share your ideas!

Have your students take down notes, or work together to brainstorm the perfect essay. Whiteboards are the perfect way to encourage your pupils to share their ideas and thoughts with the class. Easy-to-understand visuals can be created out of even the most complex concepts through a dry-erase board. Additional pin-up space on magnetic boards gives you even more opportunities to get creative! But how are you meant to decide what type of board will be best for your own classroom when there are so many different types of whiteboard to choose from? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of ideas to consider.

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School Whiteboards

Our best-selling school whiteboard is a magnetic whiteboard with a super-smooth surface for writing on. This makes them really easy to use, and perfect for colourful magnets to make your classroom your own. This whiteboard is incredibly easy to install and can be used in portrait or landscape orientation. The board comes with a handy pen tray, and will look neat and tidy in your classroom thanks to concealed corner mounting.

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Freestanding Mobile Whiteboards

In a school, freestanding boards are a functional and smart choice. The practicality is unparalleled, giving you the option to move your board into a new room, down to a different area for greater visibility or simply push it out of the way at a moment’s notice. There’s a solution for you no matter what you’re looking for, thanks to our wide range of mobile whiteboards.

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Another best-seller to consider is our Junior Mobile Tilting Magnetic Whiteboard, a practical floor-standing model with a built-in pen tray. This board’s colourful design makes it a favourite with students and teachers alike, with a great secondary function of displaying artworks and textbooks.

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Printed Whiteboards

If you find yourself using your whiteboard for the same table over and over again, why not go for a printed whiteboard to save yourself the trouble of drawing it out every day? Whiteboards like the Month Planner can be used time and time again. These whiteboards come with a pre-printed design that you can fill in with a whiteboard marker. Then, when you’ve finished filling it out, you can just rub out your workings and fill it in all over again. This design is perfect for organising your school office or classroom.

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Whiteboards with Guarantees

When you’re picking your classroom’s new whiteboard, you need to get one that comes with a guarantee so that you know it’ll do what it says on the tin. Surface guarantees mean that if your new board is in any way faulty, if it doesn’t wipe clean or falls apart when you’re using it, you won’t be stuck without a whiteboard. That’s why whiteboards like our Ultra-Smooth Magnetic Whiteboard are a great choice for you – they come with a 5 year surface guarantee so you know you can rely on them wipe after wipe.

Know Your Surface Types

Most whiteboards will be made from melamine (a type of paper coated with resin), glass, painted steel or aluminium, laminate or porcelain. Ink markings are easy to clean from painted steel and melamine boards, but these can be prone to scratching. More expensive glass, laminate and porcelain boards are resistant to both staining and scratching. The most common board is the melamine dry-erase board, which is generally the most economical option.

Educational Whiteboards

Glass Whiteboards

The most stylish way to display your message! Glass whiteboards are perfect not only for classrooms, but also for reception areas, bars and restaurants. With special chrome fixings and a steel back, our Coloured Glass Magnetic Whiteboards come in 11 bright colours to bring a little something special to your classroom walls. And don’t worry – just because they’re glass doesn’t mean they’re fragile! These are made from 4.5mm toughened safety glass, so they can stand up to just as much wear and tear as any other board.

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Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

Non-magnetic whiteboards gain their popularity because of their affordability and lightweight designs. They can be written on and erased easily thanks to the plastic material they’re made of.

Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

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Whiteboard Easels

Whiteboard easels offer many of the useful qualities associated with other mobile whiteboards, but with added storage space and a more attractive style. Ideal for teachers or older children, the Fold & Write Teachers’ Whiteboard Easel is a single-sided magnetic whiteboard with an A-Frame style easel. The stand is guaranteed for 10 years, made from a sustainable and hard-wearing wood. Heavy duty locking wheels mean this easel is easy to move around despite its sturdy structure.

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Whiteboard Sizes

Are your pupils going to be using the whiteboard individually or in groups? Small groups tend to work best with medium-sized whiteboards which create a shared collaborative space. Meanwhile, individual students tend to work best with smaller handheld whiteboards. If you have room in your class for a large whiteboard this might come in handy, but keep in mind that many students will be more comfortable claiming a small section of this board rather than all working together in the full space.

School Classroom Handheld Whiteboards

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How do I use a whiteboard in the classroom?

From 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, it’s the teacher’s duty to keep children learning and involved using the techniques and tools that fill the room. After all, a good education is the starting block for the rest of a child’s life, so it’s important to make sure that children are able to absorb the information you’re putting out there.

School Whiteboards

For information on how to make full use of your new whiteboard, check out our list of 6 ways to use a whiteboard in the classroom.

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