Portable Flag Poles

When it comes to high impact - low cost advertising,
you can't beat portable flag poles!

When you’re looking to invest in marketing your business to boost advertising, sometimes there’s a tendency towards overkill. Companies and agencies often assume big budget works best, and then spend accordingly - often resulting in disappointment and little Return on Investment (ROI).

Of course, it’s easy to be seduced by over-enthusiastic marketing and promotion companies, who often only try and sell their ‘big ticket’ costly (so-called) solutions. However, it’s far more prudent to consider cost against ROI, especially with what is known to work well and be effective for your business.

For example, some of the best performing solutions for high impact and low cost advertising are the simple and functional items like portable flag poles.

Examples of portable flag poles and flag banners

Here are just a few of the many benefits of portable flag poles.

Visually simple and attractive.

Whatever message you are looking to display - be it a promotional or branding one - then portable flag poles work extremely well. They catch the eye inside or outside with their bold designs and styles, and in the short attention span world we live in today those precious few seconds are all you have to be noticed.

A branded flag catches the attention through colour, style, message or looks, and once in your prospect’s mind your business will no doubt benefit. Sometimes branded flags call to action, other times it’s just enough to say something about your business so you are ‘front and centre’ of your prospect’s memory the next time they need a service like yours.

Low cost

In today’s age of increasing technology and complexity, people actually yearn for simplicity. Portable flag poles are low cost because there’s very few ancillary items needed other than a base, a pole, and a branded flag. No fancy electronics, no leads or cables, no batteries to keep charged - just pure simplicity, which is what makes them so high impact.

Think about it this way - people are often so subconsciously aware of all the fancy and disruptive methods at play for their attention, that in fact their eyes and attention seek out the simple things done well rather than the fancy.

Perhaps the best way to indicate this is when one thinks about gimmickry. A marketing company develops an idea for public awareness, and before you know it, every company is racing to promote their products exactly the same way - so it actually has the opposite effect. A customer actually sees the replication and becomes immune to the attraction of the gimmickry, so seeks out the simplicity and originality of items such as branded flags.

Easy to assemble flag banners

Extremely practical

What’s the point in using promotional and marketing items that either take ages to set up, or a lot of time in maintenance to keep working? As we’ve already said, simplicity and originality will never go out of fashion or be viewed as gimmickry.

Practical advertising flag poles

So why not build on that ‘keep it simple’ principle and adopt something like portable flag poles in your business, either as static advertising or branding?

With today’s portable flag poles, they can actually function as a moving advertisement too, for example wearable backpack advertising flag banners. and work well at exhibitions, events and even retail locations. Perhaps a modern embodiment of the retro ‘sandwich board man’, this is still a proven and practical way to ensure maximum visibility for your business marketing and advertising.

Back Pack Portable Flag Poles

Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, portable flag poles may be just the high impact, low cost advertising method your company really needs most. Nothing too fancy, but maximum effectiveness - and with a proven ROI.

Virtually any business, shop or establishment can benefit from portable flag poles. Even if it’s something as simple as a “we are open” message where a shop owner can move it outside when opening up, it is bound to catch attention and bring in the customers!

Imagine if you’re visiting a trade show, where every stand seems to be laid out the same way. It’s very easy to get lost or overwhelmed in the crowd, isn’t it? A good strategy is to look for a landmark - and branded flag poles are the best solution! Not only could branded flag poles solve someone’s problem - getting lost at a trade show - but they are actually subtly advertising to them also. Now think about which of all the promotional materials seen that day will that prospect remember when he gets home or back to work?

Car Show Rooms and Forecourt Flag Pole Banners

Suppose your business has lots of stock on show, for example a car dealership. By carefully considering the footfall around your showroom, careful positioning of portable flag poles can portray a sequence of messages. For example, a call to action to ask about finance, then a reminder to consider a warranty, followed by reinforcing positive messages about your quality checks, guarantees, or reputation. By the time a prospect has walked around your showroom, there’s already been several ‘touch points’ from your business direct to their mind, all of which increases desire and attraction to your services.

Conclusion: branded flags are both high impact and low cost, but provide massive Return on Investment (ROI)

Simplicity is often the key when it comes to marketing, and portable flag poles are one of the simplest yet most effective methods of advertising and branding around.

Design is key with portable flag banners

Not only can they be used to advertise, but also to help - e.g. to serve as a point of reference at trade shows - and guide - e.g. a subtle method to ‘funnel’ your potential customers towards displays in a showroom for example.

Maybe it is time to forget the jazzy, funky (and often expensive) boutique methods marketing agencies seem to be obsessed with, and focus on what works best - simplicity. Branded flag poles are your friend, and what’s more, will bring you even more friends in the way of more customers!

Why not check out the wide range of stylish, simple and effective branded flag poles available to boost your business today?

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