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Which Office Whiteboard is Best?

Choosing an office whiteboard can seem like a small task but when it comes to determining which type is best suited to your needs, things become a little difficult. How do you know the one you pick will serve the needs of your office? Since when was there so much choice? This article is going to look at some of the different types of whiteboards you can buy and the benefits of each.


Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

If budget is your main priority, then a non-magnetic whiteboard is likely to be your best option. Going back to basics, this type of whiteboard functions as a whiteboard with none of the extra features which helps to keep the cost right down. Ideal for simply writing notes or brainstorming it can also save you a bit of money, too.


Magnetic Whiteboards

As one of the most common types of whiteboard, these whiteboards are even cheaper than the non-magnetic versions. As well as being ideal for brainstorming sessions and collaborative spaces, magnetic whiteboards are also great for when you want to include printouts. It could be that you want your whiteboard to be a space where employees can contribute on a continuous basis and therefore the need to include printed sheets of information is actually quite important. Or perhaps you simply want to invest in magnetic shapes and accessories to help liven things up.


Frameless Whiteboards

The standard wood and metal frames can sometimes be a little off-putting for offices looking to achieve the ultimate stylish look, so a frameless option is a great alternative. As well as easy to mount, these types of whiteboards are ideal for indoor use.


Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are perfect for any office and can really help to make a certain space look more interesting. Perceived as professional, glass whiteboards have a very clean and sophisticated look. A little more expensive than the normal whiteboards, they can often be easier to maintain and smarter to look at. They also won’t experience the wear and tear of a normal whiteboard that can often result in it looking a little grey.


Printed Whiteboards

Depending on the purpose of your whiteboard, you might benefit from something that is pre-printed. This can be in the form of a weekly or monthly schedule and whilst this is excellent for creating purpose, it can be a little limiting.

A printed whiteboard is great for saving time up front as the schedule comes ready-made. However, it’s worth being aware of a few issues that you might encounter, such as the markings being worn away with time.

Magnetic Tape

Instead of investing in a printed whiteboard, you could choose a standard one and then invest in gridding tape and other accessories to create your own design on the board. You can also use this opportunity to engage others in the company and create a design that is unique to your business and its purpose.


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