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The world may be switching from analogue to digital at a rate of knots, but there are still advantages to some traditional techniques. Take the humble glass whiteboard, for example, Countless industries, from the corporate boardroom to restaurants and bars, are making use of such appliances each and every day.

Are Whiteboards Still Used in the 21st Century?

Computers and tablets are great, there’s no doubt about that. However, they’re very much solitary tools. If you’re trying to capture ideas in a group setting, or advertise your wares in an eatery, a whiteboard is still the way to go.

Whiteboards are wall mounted to ensure maximum space efficiency, eminently reusable thanks to their wipe-clean nature, and always offer a clean slate. Everybody knows where they stand with a whiteboard, and they’ll never go out of style as long as people gather together to do business.

Of course, there are restrictions that come with conventional whiteboards. They start to look tired and grubby before long, no matter how hard they’re scrubbed. Their general appearance is a little dated, bringing a school classroom to mind. They also really only serve one purpose. Write, erase and repeat. Surely this wall space could be better utilised?

White Glass Whiteboard

Red17 feel the same way. That’s why we have a wide range of glass whiteboards available. These fantastic appliances blend the practicability of a classic whiteboard with the sleek, elegant aesthetics and functionality demanded by a modern business.

Example of large magnetic glass whiteboard in boardroom

Why Use a Glass Whiteboards?

Magnetic glass whiteboards are a genuine game changer. No longer will you be forced to carefully select a non-permanent marker, stand at an uncomfortable angle to prevent smudging your existing text while writing, or spend hours scrubbing at a board with soapy water to restore it’s fabled pallor.

With the aid of a glass whiteboard, you’ll always have quick and easy access to a whiteboard that anybody can use.

In situ glass whiteboard being used

Just some of the uses and advantages of a glass whiteboard include:

  • Glass whiteboards are completely wipe clean.
    We’ve all been there. We have walked into a room prepared to make magic and share ideas, only to groan at the sight of a tired, overused whiteboard. Many times, the previous notes will still be ingrained on a whiteboard like a ghost, stubbornly refusing to be removed after being noted in permanent marker. You’ll have no such issues with a glass whiteboard. Anything can be cleaned from this surface, ensuring that the whiteboard will look as good as new at the end of every occasion.

  • Wipe Clean Whiteboards

  • Glass whiteboards are magnetic.
    When brainstorming and sharing thoughts, it can sometimes be helpful to have access to additional papers and documents. Conventional whiteboards do not offer this opportunity. A glass whiteboard, however, is completely magnetic. This means than anything can be fastened for all to see – all you’ll need is a conventional office magnet. As a result, a glass whiteboard could even double up as a classy office noticeboard!

  • meeting around a glass whiteboard

  • Glass whiteboards are extremely hardwearing.
    Another advantage of glass whiteboards over conventional materials is their hardwearing nature. Once you have installed a glass whiteboard, you can be assured that it’s in place and there to stay. There’s no need to think about replacing the whiteboard every year, hoping that the same size and model is still available. A glass whiteboard can last a lifetime with the right care – and it’ll look just as tip-top after several years as the day that you installed it.

  • Glass Whiteboards pic

  • Glass whiteboards offer a touch of class and elegance.
    Last, but by no means least, there is the simple aesthetic appeal of a glass whiteboard. These make a great addition to any office, and suggest to visitors that you mean business. Ask yourself what you would rather see when you walk into a business premises. A tired, old conventional whiteboard, stained and marked from years of use? Or a sleek, state of the art glass whiteboard that is serving multiple purposes at once?

  • Glass whiteboards example pic

Can Glass Whiteboards Be Used for Anything Else?

Still not convinced? Well, why not consider some of the other uses of glass whiteboards. These tools are not just for scrawling on!

Glass whiteboards can actually make highly impactful advertising tools. Despite the name, they’re available in a range of eleven colours. What shade is your corporate branding? You can sure that we’ll have it in stock! A magnetic glass whiteboard above your reception desk, branded with your company logo, can make a real impression on your visitors.

Yellow Coloured Glass Whiteboard

What if you are looking to convey a message to clients and customers without words? Color-coded glass whiteboards can clearly divide a business premises into zones. What’s more, visitors can even help themselves to any handouts and flyers that may be fastened using the magnetic qualities!

boardroom glass whiteboards

Whiteboards may have been around since time immemorial, but they’re unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Like anything, however, whiteboards are evolving. Investigate the possibility of a magnetic glass whiteboard in your business premises, and you’ll be at the forefront of a revolution in workplace communication.

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Example of wall mounted glass whiteboard in office boardroom