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Why Best of Both Combination Boards are an office Favourite

If you’re new to office boards, you may be wondering what a combination board is, and why they can be extremely beneficial to have around your office. These special types of board can be used in any indoor location – offices, schools, and even the home – but why should you install combination boards in your office workspace?

Best of both combination boards are an office favourite because they incorporate two separate types of board that are typically used when an office space needs places to put notices or brainstorm during meetings. The beauty of a combination noticeboard is that they are half noticeboard and half whiteboard.

Dual Noticeboard in office

The noticeboard is the most common board used in an office. These boards consist of a felt sheet backed by cork, with either a metal or a wooden frame. You can use a range of push pins on a cork noticeboard, and because their felt backing comes in so many colours, it’s easy to find one to match the décor of your space. Cork notice boards are often inexpensive.

A whiteboard is a smooth white board made from plastic, often framed by aluminium. They are popular in schools and offices, because they can be easily wiped off and reused constantly. They may be quite plain, but the whiteboard pens that can be used on these whiteboards can be purchased in a rainbow of colours; which makes this style of board perfect for all ages. They can be used by young children and adults, alike. For drawings, writing out sentences and notices, or just brainstorming. Sticky notes stick well to these boards, too.

Aluminium framed felt and drywipe dual combination notice board

When you combine these two popular types of indoor board, you achieve the combination board. Combination boards are split into two halves – one half is a whiteboard, and the other half is a noticeboard. These combination boards can be mounted either portrait or landscape on an office wall, and concealed fixings are usually provided with the purchase of a board. The cork board is durable and accepts pins, while the dry wipe whiteboard is non-magnetic. Due to the nature of a combination board – being that half of the board is exposed cork board which would likely rot if it got wet – these types of office wall board are for indoor use only.

Most of these combination boards will come with an aluminium frame that surrounds the entire board. However, if you’re looking for an option that’s even more eco-friendly, many places offer the cork and whiteboard combination board with a wooden frame. No wall space? No problem. There are also portable combination boards that stand within an aluminium frame with wheels attached to the legs. If you can’t find these boards under the name “combination board”, you may have better luck searching with “dual notice board” as your key term.

Office whiteboard and notice board combined

Now, why are these boards a firm favourite at the office? Well, there are several reasons; many of which may not seem as obvious as you think. Combination boards save space, there’s no doubt about that. With the dual combination of a cork noticeboard and a whiteboard, your office can use this board in just about any workplace area that has the need of a whiteboard for meetings and a noticeboard for employee notices.

These boards are convenient, and they’re inexpensive. They create the perfect excuse for employees to get creative and colourful while at work; whether they’re just brainstorming ideas in a meeting and putting up a list of possible ideas to get the office looking more interesting than it ever has before.

Wood effect framed combo notice board

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Dual Combo Board in office