Why Combination Boards Are a Home Office Favourite

Why Combination Boards Are a Home Office Favourite

Combination boards can be extremely beneficial to have in your home office but if you’re new to the world of office board, you may not even know what they are. The beauty of a combination noticeboard is that they are half noticeboard and half whiteboard. They are popular in schools and offices, because they can be easily wiped off and reused constantly. Combination boards are perfect for home workspaces, but these special types of board can also be used in any other indoor location – offices, schools and even staff rooms.

Two key types of board are generally found in a standard home office: One to write on during a brainstorming session (typically a whiteboard) and one to pin up notices and keep track of dates (generally a notice board). Best of both combination boards are perfect for home offices because they incorporate both of these board types without taking up too much space.

The most common board used in a home office is the noticeboard. Noticeboards usually have a metal or a wooden frame, which surrounds a cork board which is sometimes covered with felt. Cork notice boards are often inexpensive. It’s easy to find one to match the décor of your space as this felt can come in a wide variety of colours, and there are also lots of different types of push pin that can work with the boards.

Notice boards are such vital tools in home offices that many people go without whiteboards to make sure they can fit their notice board in. But this isn’t necessary! With a combination board, you can have the best of both worlds.

Office in the Home

Up Your Home Office Flexibility

Home offices are used for so many different purposes – everything from household admin to freelance work – so it’s important that your space is as flexible as you are. As your office needs change, your furniture and tools need to be able to be used in different, more appropriate ways.

You really need to pre-empt the unavoidable creep of post, notices and bills because no matter how “paperless” you try to make your space, those letters will just keep coming in. Having a cork board alongside your whiteboard can really come in handy here – as can mobile combination notice boards, which can be moved without any additional effort.

Mobile Combination Notice Boards

What Is Your Notice Board Going to Do?

Before investing in a new notice board, it’s really important that you take time to consider its purpose. For instance, will the notice board be only used for putting the general posters and notices, or will it be used in presentations and business meetings. Your home office will be best suited to a certain type of notice board, and thinking carefully about it will allow you to figure out which type that is.

If you can’t narrow down your notice board to a single purpose, something like a combination board is the best choice as it can be used for many different things.

Cork Combination Boards


Whether you want to boast about the connections you have, maintain an awareness of your own achievements or demonstrate the progress your business has made, if you’ve been certified by specific certification bodies or have won any awards, displaying these in your home office is a great idea. Combination boards make this really easy to do, as you can use the notice board side as a place to display your certificates without losing the functionality of the whiteboard side.

The whiteboard on a combination board often consists of an aluminium frame around a smooth white board made from plastic. They can be used by young children and adults, alike. They’re perfect for all ages as the whiteboard pens that are used on the boards can be purchased in a rainbow of colours and can be wiped clean easily – so they’re anything but plain! Sticky notes stick well to these boards, too. Whiteboards are perfect for brainstorming, diagrams, and writing out sentences and notices.

Aluminium framed dual combination boards

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Combination Board Buying Guide

A good combination board is the perfect tool for a home office – but you have to make sure it’s a good one! Keep an eye out for the following features:

Frame:- When you’re buying a combination notice board, pay attention to the frame that comes on it. There’s a variety of different materials used in the industry, but most commonly you will find products with aluminium frames. It may not seem like the most important feature, but it’s what holds the whole thing together!

Low-price and budget notice boards often feature plastic frames that have a so-called ‘aluminium finish’. There are some materials out there that will make a board much cheaper to produce and buy, but real aluminium is the best one to go for. As an alternative to aluminium, you may want to also consider a board with a wooden frame. Try to avoid the cheaper ones if you can, as they just don’t provide the longevity or effectiveness of a standard combination board.

Fixing:- By far the most effective and safest option are corner fixings. A combination board isn’t much use if it won’t stay attached to the wall, so make sure the fixings that come with the board are of a good standard. Try to avoid anything that tries to hang the board as if it were a painting or photo, such as railing systems. The thing that makes combination boards so effective is that you can interact with them by writing on the whiteboard and pinning on notices, so it needs to be hung much more securely than any old picture.

pinnable felt and wipeable whiteboard - dual purpose combi boards

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