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Why Do Businesses Use Light Boxes?

As “green” advertising grows in popularity across the UK, innovations in business signage have swiftly brought us towards a new world of LED light box solutions. Sustainable marketing is the name of the game, and businesses that seek the best and most cost-effective way to get their name seen are quickly seeing the advantages that come with the use of LED neon or fluorescent light signage boxes at their restaurant or retail outlet.

When it comes to reach and affordability, an Outdoor Light Box is exceptional and offers the highest amount of exposure for the lowest cost.

What is a Light Box Display?

At their most basic, light boxes are displays that light up their own information from behind. Most businesses choose to mount them outside, next to their front entrance, where passers-by can easily view the advertisement. In restaurants, for example, a light box display or set of light boxes might be used to display the current menus, specials or any other deals and offers they’re currently promoting.

Outdoor Light Box

They don’t have to be limited to outdoor use, however. Upcoming local events and deals can also be advertised inside your business through a carefully placed light box.

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The Power of LED Light Boxes

One major benefit that comes with the use of an LED light box is the ability it gives you to run your advertisement during the night, the day, or 24/7. These boxes are necessary for notices that need to be seen in the dark, but are also exceptionally helpful in increasing their visibility during the day. Red17’s most popular Light Box also comes with additional advantages such as:

  • Available in 12 stock colours and 8 stock sizes.
  • Weatherproof, lockable and tamper resistant.
  • 55mm powder coated aluminium poster frame.
  • Can be used in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Reinforced lock and hinge systems.
  • Waterproof seal.
  • Strong, thick polycarbonate poster cover.
  • Suitable for internal and external use.
  • Heavy duty vandal resistant frame.
  • Ultra even illumination LED diffuser back panel.
  • Low power consumption and low running costs.
  • Supplied with up to 10 metres of power cable. (Once you have placed your order we will contact you regarding your cable length)

Light Box Display Example

Why Is Signage so Important?

Nowadays, more and more businesses are choosing to focus on online branding rather than traditional signage. However, there are still plenty of businesses with physical shops, hotels, restaurants and stores and it is these businesses which rely most heavily on physical signage – things like pavement signs and, of course, light boxes.

Ever since shops first began to appear on streets, signage has been a vital tool in encouraging people to visit a business. Over the last decade or so, we’ve been incredibly fortunate as the range of signage options available to us has grown exponentially.

Even if the majority of your energy is being channelled into your online brand, your real life premises can easily be synchronised with your online business branding through the magic of digital processing.

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Where Are Light Boxes Most Effective?

From exhibitions and trade shows to retail point of sale displays, outdoor advertising to train station notice boards and time tables, light boxes have proven themselves to be a highly effective means of advertising in various illuminated sign and display uses. They can be used as corporate signs for business premises, airport signage and displays for duty free and lounges, and even nightclub, bar and pub promotions. Your promotional displays and showroom information will never look so good.

Light boxes placed back-to-back in your shop window will allow customers both inside and out to learn more about your business, while even the most basic illuminated window display will go to great lengths to maximise your visibility.

Light Box Display In Situ

The Perfect POS Trend for Spring 2019

Many businesses struggle to showcase their displays to customers in winter and early spring, as they wait for the evenings to gradually get longer again. Until the sun returns, wet, blustery and dark evenings mean many displays aren’t easily visible. You may end up missing out on potential customers if you don’t find a way to fix your difficult-to-see displays.

None of this is a problem for an LED display. You can ensure that your POS (Point of Sale) is seen at all times by upgrading to an LED display. You’re sure to find the ideal type for you, as there are so many different types of LED displays to choose from. They’ll stand out at all times, perfectly backlighting whichever advertisement or promotion you wish to display.

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Revamp Your Front of House

The front of your favourite restaurant or retailer is likely to be one of the first places you’ll see a light box. They can come in a range of different sizes, making them one of the easiest ways to create an eye-grabbing sign. The light box works as a sign for over the front door, but their versatility means they can really be put anywhere. For example, if a business is located down a flight of stairs or in a basement, it can be a really great idea to put a sign at head height at the top of those stairs, with an arrow pointing downwards.

Illuminated Menu Case

Making Use of Outdoor Menu Light Boxes

Your menu can be displayed in any number of different ways, but there’s a good reason that many businesses opt for the classical outdoor menu light box. Key menu information is made easily visible for those who have already chosen to dine at the restaurant in question, while clever branding or particularly appetising offerings can draw in undecided guests who are looking for a place to eat. A menu light box will work well whether you’re a large, established restaurant or a newly opened independent coffee joint.

Menu Box

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Black Outdoor Light Box Display

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