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Why Does Your Company Need a Branded Flag?

When it comes to finding innovative ways to advertise your company, it can be difficult to find new ways to stand out from the crowd without investing in big and expensive projects. So how do you cut back costs whilst also making yourself different from the competition? It’s easy; branded flags.

Branded flags are a great asset in any company’s advertising toolkit and one that many often overlook. Whether you regularly exhibit at tradeshows and events or you’re a high street store, all businesses can benefit from flag advertising.


We’ve already mentioned that tradeshows are a great place to use branded fags but it’s worth going into this in more detail. When hundreds and even thousands of exhibitors are all competing for visitor attention, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the company next to you and to engage with passers-by in more meaningful conversation.

With so much visual advertising, it quickly becomes a much of a muchness, but branded flags not only stand out but they also allow you to make a statement.


Building on this, advertising via flags rather than the standard roller banner stand that everyone has can really make your brand more memorable and potentially be more likely to end in a sale. This isn’t just applicable to tradeshows and events but is also relevant to high street stores, cafes and businesses at other events such as farmer markets..

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Going back to the trade show example, if you advertise your brand with a portable flag, not only are you differentiating yourself from the competition but you’re creating a landmark. We all know how big and overwhelming these events can be. So if you can create a point of reference for visitors, you’re going to be more memorable in more ways than one.


And considering the banner stand is such a fundamental in the advertising toolbox, chances are, everyone has one. Flags, however, are in a league of their own and because not everyone has one, it makes them much more effective.


Brand message is such an important part of the modern business world and a lot can be said for it. Customer loyalty and gaining new customers is incredibly reliant on brand message. A brand that is portrayed as fun, vibrant and lively is much more likely to engage with customers more regularly.

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This means that it’s more important than ever to think about your brand message and how your company is being portrayed to the wider world. Branded flags are a great way to incorporate a little bit of personality in your marketing without deviating too much from the norm, thus providing the best of both worlds.

So as you can imagine, branded flags are often disregarded as an unnecessary accessory in the advertising toolkit, but actually, you may be surprised at just how useful they are. So when it comes to planning your next event, think about how a portable flag could make all the difference..

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