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Why Does Your Office Need a Glass Whiteboard?

Whiteboards are, without a doubt, one of the most common office tools, and the most useful too. How many times have you scribbled some notes on one or used it in a brainstorming session? Whilst the humble whiteboard is a classic favourite, giving it an upgrade could provide a wide range of benefits.

So why should you swap the standard whiteboard for a glass one?


Whilst most whiteboards come in plain white, glass whiteboards can be bought in a variety of different colours which means it’s really easy to align with your brand. So when it’s not in use, instead of having a large, blank white space, you can have something that seamlessly matches your company colours..

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Not only are glass whiteboards modern and stylish, they’re incredibly professional-looking. Paired with chrome fittings, glass whiteboards are ideal for making the sophisticated first impression when clients visit the office, whilst also adding a splash of colour to the walls.

Easy to clean

Over time, standard whiteboards can often start to look a little grubby. Stains and permanent marker can contribute to marking the surface and making it impossible to clean. Even after a thorough wipe down, there can still be a slightly grey tinge to the surface, causing them to look untidy.

Yet, glass whiteboards don’t have this issue. This is largely due to the surface being toughened glass, but also down to the fact that the bright colours can often mask this grubby effect, keeping them looking pristine for much longer.

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No wear and tear

And similarly, the materials used to create glass whiteboards means that wear and tear is greatly reduced, giving it a longer lifespan.

Whilst many companies are put off by the increase in cost when purchasing a glass whiteboard, the longer lifespan means that you can often get more for your money.

Make a statement

Let’s face it, we’ve all worked in an office where the decoration hasn't been the most inspirational. A bold-coloured glass whiteboard on the wall can help to alleviate the office gloom and make a statement.

Not only is it eye-catching, a splash of colour here and there can go a long way to make the whole space feel warmer and more lively, thus more welcoming to clients and visitors and more motivating to employees.

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Same functionality

Standard whiteboards are often utilised for their magnetic properties and can be incredibly versatile tools. Yet, the purchase of a glass whiteboard doesn’t mean you sacrifice this characteristic. A magnetic glass whiteboard has the same functionality as a standard magnetic board but comes with a whole host of other benefits listed above, so you don’t need to worry about missing out.

Hopefully these great features of the humble glass whiteboard have been able to demonstrate why each and every office should at least consider purchasing one over the normal standard whiteboard. With so many benefits and a cost lower than you might think, it’s a sure win for every business.

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