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Why Every Exhibit Needs a Literature Stand

Ensuring you have the right tools for your upcoming exhibit can determine its success. Not only do you need to make sure your team are on top form, but you also need to have the right equipment. As well as the standard roller banner stand and pop up displays, literature stands can be incredibly useful tools for all business, and many don’t fully leverage the benefits.

Company branding

Getting all the information and messaging onto a banner stand and pop up display can be tricky. On the one hand you don’t want to cram too much in and on the other, you don’t want it to be too plain. Striking the perfect balance often means that important information is left behind and designing complimentary leaflets that detail your products or expand on who you are as a company can be incredibly effective for helping to build authenticity as to who you are.

Being able to provide consistent company branding across multiple dimensions also allows you to boldly state who you are and what you offer, and can minimise confusion about your services or products.


This closely aligns with your messaging. And ensuring that message is the same wherever you look is vital to your success. Introducing leaflets and other pieces of literature that embody your company’s message can be very effective in achieving this.


Additionally, if you currently have a special offer on or have an upcoming event that you want to advertise, spending money on creating a banner stand for just a few months’ worth of use can be a complete waste of resources. Whereas investing in printing a few hundred leaflets is a lot less costly and can provide a bigger impact.

You can also utilise both sides of the leaflet to detail why you’re holding a giveaway competition, who you are and how people can get involved. These leaflets can not only be given out at your stand, but are incredibly portable and so can be left in networking areas and seminar theatres to reach a bigger audience.


At the end of the day, if you’ve booked a large exhibition space and all you have is a banner stand, a literature dispenser or display could be the perfect solution to padding out the area.

Let’s not forget the fact that many visitors often don’t feel comfortable approaching and talking with your team as they’re conscious they’re either going to be sold to, or don’t have the right expertise to have the conversation the first place. A display of leaflets and brochures, or other literature, can be the perfect antidote. It can work as an ice breaker between your team and visitors but also allow them access to the information they need without engaging in a conversation; perhaps they think it’s a useful tool for their boss, or maybe they’re just in a rush to get to a talk.

So the next time you're considering upgrading your exhibition display, take the time to think about how a literature stand could benefit you and bring in more customers.

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