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Why Pavement Signs Are The Number One Choice For Customised Signage

If you have spent any time looking into signage, you will have come across pavement signs. At Red17, we provide a wide range of signage and display options to our customers and we take pride in making sure that we’re able to offer something for everyone. However, it’s our pavement signs that continue to be popular. Year after year, pavement signs are the number one choice for customised signage. So, why is this?

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Why Do Businesses Choose Pavement Signs?

With so many different customised signage options available, you may find yourself wondering why pavement signs continue to be the number one choice. However, when you consider the benefits, everything becomes clear.

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  • They’re Easy to Set Up - Though some types of customised signage are difficult to set up, this isn’t the case with pavement signs. Pavement signs are quick and easy to place, and they can be moved with ease. This means that you’re able to move them around, ensuring that your pavement sign is placed in optimum position.

  • They Attract Pedestrians - It’s extremely difficult to display information to people who walk passed your business, as they are often too busy to notice a store or restaurant. However, pavement signs are able to grab their attention in a way that other forms of customised signage aren’t able to. By placing a pavement sign close to pedestrian footfall, you are able to advertise yourself to potential customers. Simply, they have no choice but to see what you’re offering.

  • They Can Be Used in Different Ways - There’s no right or wrong way to use a pavement sign, which is the main appeal for a lot of people. A pavement sign can be used to advertise a product, a service, a new menu item and even special events. In fact, pavement signs can also be used to simply provide business information. This means that you’re not limited in any way.


At Red17, we have a wide range of pavement signs for you to choose from. This means that you’re able to find the ideal pavement sign for you, regardless of what you need. To find out more about pavement signs or any of our other products, get in touch.

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