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Why Poster Frames are Still as Popular as Ever!

Whether you work in a school, an office, or just want a professional finish on an image or poster that you’re looking to hang on the wall, poster frames have been the best choice for years. There are many reasons why poster frames are still as popular as they ever were, and it starts with the appeal of a poster that looks clean and professional when it’s displayed in a room.

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For schools, poster frames allow you to display posters or large photographs in a stylish way that will help you avoid any damage to the poster, itself. Schools can be a little hazardous to paper objects like posters, and you’ll often find that if there aren’t a few tears in a poster by the end of the week, then it might be missing altogether. With a poster frame, you’ll deter any damage from passing students, accidental or otherwise.

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Businesses or individuals with home offices looking for a sleek way to display their work or a poster can take advantage of a range of poster frames that look good in any room with a desk. Snap poster frames are the most popular, and they come in a range of colours to suit any artist’s eye. Looking for something a little more special? How about a light box poster frame? If you’re displaying your work on the wall (or someone else’s!), a light box would certainly catch anyone’s attention.

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For extra security, you can even buy lockable poster frames – perfect for displaying awards.

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