School Notice Boards

Why Schools are Investing in Fire Resistant Notice Boards

Fire safety is one of the number one concerns of any school or educational facility. With fire resistant notice boards, schools can benefit from a notice board that will not be badly affected by flames or accidental fire damage.

Fire Resostant Notice Boards

Notice boards are often used by schools to showcase or highlight various events or pieces of news that are happening at any time during the school year. They can also be used as an achievement’s board, and a lost and found board; all of which are common uses for schools.

Tamperproof Notice Boards with Fire Resistancy

When fire safety becomes a school’s ultimate concern, considering adding in more fire resistant features such as fire resistant notice boards, they can resist the affects that fire typically has on a school’s grounds; like the loss of achievement records or photographs, both of which are typically displayed in notice boards.

When a school invests in fire resistant notice boards, they’re helping to break down the spread of any fires that may occur. A fire resistant notice board takes longer to catch fire, which could help leave an area undamaged.

Notice Board with sliding doors and resistant to fire

Indoor notice boards that are displayed in schools are typically bright and colourful or quite professional-looking, depending on the level of children in that area. For younger children, a school would consider a colourful fire resistant notice board, such as one in orange, red, or green. There’s also options on the market for fire resistant notice boards that are framed, moveable, or even ones with sliding glass windows for a finished look.

Fire Resistant Notice Boards