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Why Signage is a Key Part of Your Business Branding

While many businesses focus their attention more towards online branding nowadays, there are still plenty with bricks and mortar stores, bars, hotels and restaurants that depend on more traditional approaches.

Signage has been an important part of getting people into a businesses since shops first began to appear on streets. The good news is that the sheer range of signage products has improved dramatically over the last decade or so.

A business with no sign is a sign of no business

Digital processing means that companies are now able to synchronise their online business branding with their real life premises. And it’s a lot cheaper than it used to be.

Signage Products and Branding For Your Business

The primary reason for branded signage is that it is there to help people recognise your business immediately. Of course, a company’s brand is more than just a quirky logo and a few images. It’s supposed to highlight everything you stand for, including what your values are.

The key is to create branding combined with signage that elicits an emotional response in potential and existing customers.

  • One of the advantages of signage is that it creates a clear and visible indication of where your business is situated. Some companies have a sign above the door, others will use a product such as a pavement sign to attract attention.

  • Pavement Sign A-Board Sign

  • Signage can also be used to send specific messages. Maybe you’re a bar or restaurant and you want to reveal the dishes of the day to passing traffic. Perhaps you run a store and have a sale on and want something bright and cheerful out on the street to attract attention.

  • Sign Board

  • Signage isn’t just about branding, however. You have instructional signs indoors that are designed to show where certain products are or ones to point the way to the toilets. These don’t need to be generic either and can, in fact, reflect your brand.

  • It's A Sign - Graphic of a sign saying it's a sign

  • There’s a wide variety of different signage products that you can chose from including portable flag poles and banners and even light-box displays that can brighten up corners of your business premises.

  • lightbox

  • Products like poster frames, for instance, are ideal for shops that like to change promotions from time to time. All you need to do is put them up on a wall and replace the advertising or brand content from time to time.

poster frames

Why You Need Coherent Sign Branding

Some premises have a mismatch of different sign types that essentially dilute their brand message. This generally happens if you have collected your signs over a period of time and haven’t really thought about how they all fit together. They may have been bought when your brand identity was actually different.

It pays to step outside your business premises and take a look at it from your customer’s point of view. Does everything match up and reflect your brand or does it all look a bit haphazard? Paying a little extra attention to this area of your business can make a big difference on how your brand is perceived by the general public.

At Red17, we provide a wide range of different signage products from chalkboards and poster frames to wall-mounted lightboxes and projecting signs. If you’re looking to tighten up your business signage and give it a clear brand makeover, take a look at our range today.

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