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Why We Love Café Barriers – and You Should Too!

When it comes to advertising your café, less is rarely more. We live in a world of almost unlimited choice, which means that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Why waste this, when a café barrier can announce your presence to the world in a big way?

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What is a Café Barrier?

You will be familiar with café barriers, even if you don’t know them by name.

Have you ever strolled past a café on the high street and noticed a substantial canvas bearing the businesses logo? That’s a café barrier, and they’re fantastically versatile pieces of equipment.

From advertising your business and catching the eye to guiding customers toward an outdoor area, the uses of café barriers are endless!

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How Can Café Barriers be Used?

Café barriers are fantastic advertising tools, but they’re also so much more. Here are just some of the reasons we love café barriers, and consider them an essential addition to any eatery.

Café Barriers Attract Customer Attention

Competition is fierce to attract customer loyalty on the high street. Hungry and thirsty shoppers will never lack for options when it comes to selecting a café for a pit stop. Does your venue stand out against the competition, including nationally recognised chains?

With the aid of a cafe barrier, you can attract the attention of any curious customer. A cafe barrier is substantial external advertising, and with an appropriately colourful design and logo they're certain to catch the eye. Shoppers seeking an oasis in the midst of their retail therapy will make a beeline for any attractive eatery!

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Unlike a humble chalkboard, which needs to be approached in order to read, they also stand out from all distances. Potential patrons will spot your business from fifty paces with the aid of a café barrier!

Café Barriers Create a Makeshift Outside Area

Every restaurant benefits from an al fresco dining area. When the sun is shining, patrons love nothing more than watching the world go by from an outdoor vantage point. Café barriers can be a fantastic way of creating this on any street.

It couldn’t be any simpler –just surround the boundaries of your property with branded café barriers. Not only will this create a wall of advertising, but it automatically makes an eatery more appealing. A series of café barriers will also protect your customers from the elements.

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An outdoor area, especially one that is decorated and branded, automatically adds a touch of class that will appeal to customers. You can also avoid the expense and red tape of building a wall around your business perimeter.

Café Barriers are Hugely Flexible and Adaptable

It’s very important that you select a café barrier of appropriate size. Check with the local authority if you plan to display your barrier outdoors, as there may be size restrictions.

The good news is, once you have everything in place, a café barrier is very simple to move. If you want to expand or contract the size or location of a barricaded area, it’s simply a case of picking up your barrier and shifting it appropriately. This is far easier, and more cost effective, than bringing in builders or painters. You can even pick up your outdoor barriers and lock them indoors at the end of trading hours!

Economy Cafe Barriers

There are also no limits on designs that can be placed on a café barrier. Provided it’s legal, anything goes! Will you opt for a simple black-and-white design that oozes elegance? Do you prefer a colour-soaked extravaganza that demands attention? The choice is yours.

Café Barriers Divide a Business into Easily Accessible Segments

Café barriers can be hugely beneficial for dividing the floor of a business inside, and well as out. Just some of the purposes that café barriers can serve include:

  • Queuing Areas.
    Few things are as important to the great British public as appropriate queuing. Café barriers make perfect barricades to keep customers in line – literally.

  • Private Parties.
    Has a customer called ahead, making a reservation for a private party in your venue? Café barriers can easily direct the lucky invitees to an appropriate area.

  • Dividing the Café into Zones.
    Does your eatery have a pet-friendly seating area? Are children only permitted in certain parts of the venue? Do you close one floor earlier than another? If the floor of your venue requires any kind of division, consider using café barriers.

  • Advertising Future Events.
    If you have plans for the future, why not advertise them to your existing customers with a café barrier inside your venue? Whether it’s late-night opening hours, poetry nights, price drops of anything else, your customers can’t miss a café barrier.

As we have already discussed, the versatility of a café barrier is second to none! There are truly no limits to what you can achieve with the use of these multipurpose canvases.

Café Barriers Keep Customers Safe

Health and safety law is something that any business must abide by, especially those in the catering trade. With the aid of café barriers, you can keep everybody in your business safe.

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Do you have a designated outdoor smoking area? You can point customers this way with a café barrier. Are the cleaning team hard at work, potentially leading to slippery floors? A café barrier can announce this.

Café Barriers Make Exhibiting Easy

Of course, café barriers do not only need to be used on the high street. These items can also be hugely beneficial if you attend an exhibition, or trade at a festival or similar occasions.

use at exhibitions

It can be difficult to stand apart at these major events. Competition is fierce, especially for a catering business, A café barrier is the easiest way of standing out from the pack, and capturing the attention of potential paying customers.

Sounds Good – What Sizes of Café Barrier are Available?

Red17 have a wide range of café barriers available for purchase, ensuring that every possible business need is covered.

We offer standard sizes that range between 1,000 – 2,000mm, or you can build your own based on personal requirements. Naturally you can also pick up any boundaries that you may require. Just get in touch for more information!

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