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Why Whiteboard Gridding Tape Is the Most Cost Effective Way to Get the Whiteboard You Want

Whether you’re using your whiteboard for timetables, graphs or plans, it’s likely that there will be certain grids and lines that you’ll have to use over and over again. Using a blank whiteboard will mean that you either have to redraw those lines every time you clean, or you have to be extra careful when wiping to make sure you don’t rub out your grid. Of course, you could invest in a whiteboard with those lines already drawn on in permanent ink, but then what happens if you no longer want your whiteboard to have grids all over it?

Thin Tape to stick to Whiteboards

Whiteboard gridding tape is a great, cost-effective solution to this issue. It allows you to lay grids on your magnetic and drywipe boards that are semi-permanent. You’ll get to use and reuse your grid as often as you like, and when you’re done you can either reposition the tape or remove it entirely.

This Whiteboard Accessory Will Change Your Life!

Whiteboards are amazingly versatile pieces of equipment as they stand. You’ll find them in classrooms, homes, laboratories, offices and all manners of other locations. They can’t hope to meet their full potential, though, without the addition of whiteboard accessories like gridding tape.

Building a high-quality easy to read graph or diagram with just a pen is a whole lot harder than you might expect. Whiteboard gridding tape solves this problem and quickly makes your whiteboard even more versatile, coming in a variety of colours to keep things interesting.

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Some other important whiteboard accessories include…

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Whiteboard Gridding Tape is Easy to Use

Stepping out of your comfort zone of three whiteboard pens and an eraser may seem daunting, but you’ll be amazed by how easy gridding tape makes your life. All you have to do is start at the point where you want your grid to begin, and carefully lay out the tape in a straight line to form a neat grid. If you do make a mistake, just peel the tape off gently and re-stick it where you want it to go.

Is Your Whiteboard Magnetic?

Magnetic whiteboards are very common these days, with many offices and schools splashing out that little bit more for the vital magnetic finish. But did you know that your board’s magnetic properties could also have advantages for gridding tape?

Whiteboard Tape

Grids on magnetic whiteboards are perfect for groups who work together. Bring your grids, timetables and diagrams to life by attaching additional graphics and photographs to the board with magnets.

Your plain white canvas can be easily turned into a dynamic grid or calendar through the use of colourful Magnetic whiteboards. This will allow your office team to create a more interesting display, or help your students to understand the information you give them more easily.

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Eye-Catching Colours

Red17’s gridding tapes are available in four different colours: red, blue, green and black. This makes them appear very clear and attractive when attached to your whiteboard.

Plan What You Want to Do

While it’s easy to correct any mistakes you make when laying out your gridding tape, it’s still a good idea to use a bit of foresight and plan what you’re going to do with the tape. Whether you’re turning it into a holiday schedule or a weekly or monthly planner, give some thought to what you think the best use of your whiteboard will be. Avoid wasting time and resources by planning ahead and coming up with a design for how you want it to look.

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So Many Uses!

While gridding tape is most commonly used with whiteboards, its uses don’t have to stop there. Gridding tape can be used to form charts and tables on a variety of surfaces including paper, metal, plastic, wood and glass. You can leave the tape on for as long as you need it. Just make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying your lines.

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It’s Not Just for Maths

Semi-permanent designs are useful for a wide variety of subjects, and gridding tape doesn’t have to just be used for graphs and charts. For example, many music teachers find whiteboards with staves printed on them incredibly useful, but whiteboards with this specific design can be very pricey and difficult to find.

Red17 have a wide range of school whiteboards that are perfect for almost every occasion, and any one of these can be converted into a musician’s dream with just a small amount of gridding tape. Any budget can be matched with a long-lasting, appropriate solution.

School Whiteboards

Red17 sells whiteboard gridding tape in 1.5mm, 3mm and 6mm rolls, all 16 metres long. Users tend to favour the 1.5mm tape as it looks the most similar to marks made on a whiteboard in pen.

Go Big or Go Home

One of the drawbacks of a standard printed whiteboard is that you’re limited to the size of the whiteboards available. But why settle for something smaller than you need?

With the help of companies like Escreo, you can use dry erase paint to turn the entire wall of your classroom or office space into a whiteboard. You can then build on this whiteboard wall by creating your charts and grids with gridding tape to create a diagram for your whole group to work on together.

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