Why You Need Leaflet Holders in Every Corner of Your School

Many schools likely fill their reception area with relevant leaflets. They may even include some in the on-site medical room, or school councillor’s if they have one. But why should schools be thinking about including leaflets in every corner they can?

School Reception

To provide access to information

Rather than limiting the availability of information to the main trafficked areas, it may be more prevalent to install leaflets in a variety of places around the school, including quiet areas, the library and maybe even in the toilets.

Access to the right information is crucial for a number of reasons. Students who may feel vulnerable, or parents who need additional guidance on certain subjects relating to the school or their child’s development may all benefit from being able to access information in a number of different places.

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To ensure relevance to age groups

Grouping all of your leaflets together may seem the easiest option but it might not necessarily be the most practical. Different age groups are going to need access to different information. Leaflets or information on puberty are likely to be more relevant to older students, whilst information aimed towards parents helping children to read is going to be more relevant to the younger age groups.

Utilising multiple leaflet holders in different areas of the school means that you can provide the most relevant information to the right age groups without too much difficulty.

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To be accessible to parents

We’ve already touched lightly on the necessity for parents to be able to access the right information. And it’s worth going into this in more detail.

Parents needs to be able to access a wide variety of information relating to all aspects of school life. Whether this is dealing with certain behaviours, helping a child learn to read, helping a child with homework or different ways a parent can get involved with the school.

Grouping all your leaflets together in one place could mean that parents miss out on crucial information. And sometimes the layout of a school can mean that there isn’t a single area that most people walk through, which means it’s even more important to create multiple areas where parents can access leaflets and information.

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To maximise impact

Finally, investing in numerous leaflet holders is the best way to maximise the impact of the information on offer. A single source of information isn’t as nearly as effective as having multiple sources.

Maximising the impact of the information on offer means that you can get more out of the materials you get printed. Designing and printing something as simple as an information leaflet can take up a lot of time and resources, and so maximising the impact of your literature is even more important.

Many believe knowledge is power and this couldn’t be truer in an educational surrounding. Therefore, distributing your informational literature is vital to ensuring everyone has access to the information they need for a happy and fulfilling life.

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