Why Your Classroom Needs a Mobile Whiteboard

Why Your Classroom Needs a Mobile Whiteboard

While most schools are filled with plenty of brilliant technology nowadays, the old traditional methods of teaching still have a big part to play. Mobile whiteboards are a key piece of equipment for the classroom and every school should have at least a few to work from.

Having a broad selection of different portable whiteboards ensures that members of staff and pupils have access to the tools they need when they most need them. You may, for instance, want to deliver a class outside but would also like to be able to write information down for your pupils.

A mobile whiteboard is the perfect way to do this with little or no fuss.

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The Benefits of Mobile Whiteboards

Whiteboards took over from chalkboards a long time ago but these, in turn, have started to be replaced by newer technology in recent times. Not all schools, however, can afford an interactive screen in every classroom and whiteboards are still indispensable as a ready alternative.

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The first thing to note when it comes to benefits is that a mobile or portable whiteboard doesn’t have to stay in one place. That may seem like stating the obvious but for busy schools, it can be a really useful thing. If the whiteboard is attached to the wall, there’s not a lot you can do, especially if you want to take your work to another location.

  • Mobile whiteboards are light and can be pushed from room to room on wheels pretty easily.

  • They can also be positioned wherever you want in the classroom. For example, you can split the class into groups, each with their own whiteboard.

  • If you need to store your whiteboards away and give yourself more room, you can easily do so.

  • And, if you want to take your work with you to another classroom, or save it for a later lesson, there’s absolutely no problem at all.
  • Whiteboards are great for brainstorming sessions where you get pupils to throw out different ideas and then write them down. They also work well with structured teaching where you have complete control over what goes on the board.

    Junior Mobile Writing Board

    Organising your School Whiteboards

    Whether you are buying just a few or want several portable whiteboards for your school, there are a couple of things to consider first:

    • Picking the right size for the classroom is going to depend on a number of factors. The key here is that your board needs to be big enough to fit all your teaching needs and be seen by the class. You may want a mobile whiteboard for more intimate teaching such as tutorials which means a flipchart size easel style might be the best solution.

    • School_Teacher_at_a_Mobile_Whiteboard

    • The other thing to think about is what the board is going to be used for. If you want several children to be able to draw and write on it and get creative, a wider mobile whiteboard might be the best option.

    • Small_Child_and_Teacher_whiteboard

    • Portable whiteboards are great if you like teaching outdoors and want something to take with you. They have magnetic strips that add value to any teaching session. If you’re going on a field trip, a portable whiteboard can easily be put into the boot and taken with you.

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