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Why Your Next Exhibition Display Stand Needs to Include a Portable Counter

Standing out from the rest of the stalls at an exhibition can be a big challenge. What you ideally want is to have your brand on full show while creating a great first impression that attracts people walking by. That’s where a branded portable counter may well be able to help.

Many business turn up at an exhibition and simply use the table or furniture that is provided. They might hang a few posters here and there to make their space look more branded but that’s as far as it goes.

If you attend exhibitions or trade fairs on a regular basis, however, it’s well worth investing in a portable counter that displays your brand to its full potential.

A portable counter will act as central focus to your display and is a location where staff can congregate around. There are different types of counter, from simple news-style desks to funkier promo stands and classic plinths. When you’ve worked hard on all other aspects of your stand and branding, a display counter provides a great finishing touch.

What is a Portable Counter?

You’ll see portable display counters whenever you go into a shopping precinct. Pop up stores use them a lot. They are normally a desk with a branded logo beneath. Shapes can vary, of course. The plinth is a great design if you only have a limited space. You can also get portable display counters that look like lecterns as well as ones that are able to take a computer station.

What are the Benefits of a Display Counter?

The big benefit of a display counter is that it can be branded to your own company and define your image. If you look around any exhibition hall, you’ll see a variety of different stands. The ones that seem to stand out are the ones that are focused on their branding. It shines through and attracts and engages those passing by.

It’s also the sort of display furniture that actually makes you look more professional – people are going to think that you’re serious about what you do.

Comet Portable Display Counter Stand

For most businesses, investing in a display counter should deliver a good return. It’s also flexible – when you’re not using your stand for an exhibition you can set it up in the office or in store as a point of interest. If you suddenly have to attend an event it can be the perfect item to take with you.

A lot will depend, of course, on what your business requires. You may just need a branded plinth that can act as a central focal point for your stand. Perhaps you want your branded portable counter to support equipment like computers, in which case you will need something bigger and sturdier. The good news is that there’s plenty of choice out there.

Where Can I Buy Portable Display Counters?

At Red 17, we offer a broad range of different portable display counters that can be tailored to your business needs and your budget. Durable, easy to install and maintain, these products can be printed with your own personal branding so that you stand out from the crowd at your next event.

Promo Stand Counter

If you’re planning an exhibition soon, take a look at our collection of high quality portable displays today.

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