Why a frameless notice board is right for you

Why a frameless notice board is right for you

A frameless notice board can offer your space a completely different and unique style. These notice boards can convey a more contemporary feel; thanks to their clean, sharp edges. They fit into any space within interrupting the flow of colour on the wall, instead complementing what already exists in the same area.

Frameless Eco-Colour Fire Resist Notice Board

The structure of a frameless notice board

Frameless notice boards aren’t much different to framed ones, the basic materials that are used are the same, it’s just the design that has been changed. Framed notice boards shouldn’t actually need their frame to stay together; if they do, the design of them might be poor. Notice boards are usually made from a type of board that is comprised of medium to high-density wood-based fibre. What that basically means is that it’s usually recycled wood or wood chips fused together to make a board, or some other wood-based by-product shaped into the needed notice board shape. The felt covering is then added, glued in place, and there you have it: a notice board.

Of course, the process is a bit more technical and takes much more time than what we’ve just described, but you should get a good idea of what a notice board is made from with the above description.

Close up pic of frameless noticeboard corner with wall fixing

Now, as for frameless notice boards, the felt is actually wrapped around the edge of the board, neatly tucked behind itself, and sealed. For frameless boards, the felt is sealed along the edge and across the surface of the board. This keeps it firmly in place and provides the neat look that you see with this type of noticeboard. No need for a frame, and tight, smooth edges!

Example of a frameless felt pin noticeboard

Because of the way that the fabric is wrapped around the wood of the noticeboard, it will not stretch or sag overtime. Provided you keep it clean, your board will look the same as it always did for years to come. And, if you did happen to need to drill through the board for any reason, you could do so without catching the fabric; but if you do this, please use a slow speed while drilling and be extremely cautious.

We’ve mentioned felt as the primary fabric used on notice boards during this post so far, but did you know that there are a number of other fabrics used on noticeboards today? For example, we at Red17 use a series of sustainable and recycled fabrics and materials to create our notice boards; and many of them are fire-resistant, too! Our Fire Resistant Frameless Notice Boards use a durable woven cloth. Other companies may use a type of hessian instead of felt; though felt is a popular choice.

Colour Plus version of an unframed notice board

Why a frameless notice board makes a difference

Thanks to the lack of a frame, there’s nothing that creates a barrier between your wall colour and where your frameless notice board starts and ends. You can buy frameless notice boards in the same colour (or a very similar colour) as your wall paint for a seamless finish, or you could buy a contrasting colour to add some style. Alternatively, you could match your notice board to the other colours in the room, rather than your wall colours, and use it as a part of the room’s accents.

You can also put notices etc. right to the edge of a frameless noticeboard, join two or more frameless notice boards together for a bigger display space, or let the copy that you’re pinning up spill off the edges! As long as its pinned to the board, it’ll stay there, so there’s lots of space to utilise.

Colour Board Notice Board without a Frame

Our final point for this section is that you can purchase a frameless noticeboard in a huge range of sizes. Our own frameless noticeboards go up to 1200mm x 2400mm (that’s a huge 1.2 x 2.4 metres of notice space!) Now, image you’re putting your notice board in a small home office or a meeting room – you could easily fill a wall space and even hang several notice boards to give you a bigger area to work in.

Teacher with an unframed notice board in bright green colour

Notice boards aren’t just for hanging up vital notices, after all. They can be used for all manner of things; including, but not limited to, artwork, birthday posts, charity fundraiser information, achievement charts and awards, and much more!

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Office wall with numerous unframed notice boards linked up together to form a large notice board