Outdoor School Notice Boards

Why after school activity is improved with the installation of an outdoor notice board

Most schools run a variety of after school activities but getting pupils involved can often be a challenge. There’s so much vying for their attention in today’s modern world, both at home and within their own groups, that it can be difficult to get individuals to commit to any particular activity.

Whether you’re running additional classes, promoting a dance club, preparing for a school play or review performance, want to encourage children to join your sports team or take part in any other activity, you certainly want everyone to know about it.

Outdoor Notice Board

Communication is key, of course

While some schools use online apps and their websites to inform pupils about upcoming activities, there’s no substitute for more traditional ways of getting your message across. In fact, message boards can make a big difference.

Outdoor notice boards are perfect for grabbing attention and passing on information of all sorts, including school activities. They can be placed anywhere in your school and updated whenever you have a new event coming up.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Notice Board at School

Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Notice Board

Our advice is to place you notice board in an area where there is a lot of footfall. One idea is to put it near the entrance to your school where parents can often see it too, when they come to pick up their children.

Focus on your messages for advertising – make them colourful and noteworthy but try to brand them as much as possible in line with your school. Keep the language as simple as possible and always send a positive message about the activity. Always include:

  • Who to contact to take part.
  • Who the activity is aimed at.
  • The dates when the activity is happening.
  • The key benefits of joining in.

It always helps to include images in your activity advertisement as it is something that will attract attention. And you can even link things up with your website.

Types of School Notice Boards for External Use

Update your outdoor notice boards regularly too. When you leave old fliers pinned up, people can stop noticing what is on your board. Something new is bound to grab the attention more than something people have seen up there a hundred times before. Make it a practice to check your noticeboards at least once a week and remove any fliers that are either out of date or no longer relevant.

All Weather Notice Boards

Types of Outdoor Notice Boards

There are several different types of outdoor notice board. You can get vandal resistant ones that are lockable. There are larger pin boards that are also resistant to the vagaries of the weather. Some can be used to stand alone and come with their own sunken posts, others need to be fastened to a wall.

Shiels Design Notice Board for Outdoor use with Sunken Posts

A lot will depend on where you want to display your school activity information and what size of board you are looking for.

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Where to Buy the Best Outdoor Notice Boards

At Red17, we’ve got a wide range of different outdoor notice boards on sale to suit almost any school budget. If you’d like to find one or two to put around your school, take a look at our listings online today.

Waterproof Notice Boards for Schools