Why more businesses are using promotional flags to get noticed

Why more businesses are using promotional flags to get noticed

Promotional flags – you’ve seen them at car dealerships, shopping malls, convention floors, and trade shows. Smart businesses know that designing and printing their own custom flags is an effective way to advertise their brand.

With portable flagpoles they’re easy to transport and set up anywhere, and they have countless uses at events. Perfect for grand openings, trade show booths, sporting events, and school functions – what makes flags so special?

Simply put, they are prized for their versatility. They can be used in a wide array of settings, and can be celebratory, fun, or purely used for marketing. A promotional flag can include your logo and branding, and some models can be used both indoor and outside.

Why are so many businesses ordering promotional flags?

Promotional flags and portable flagpoles are more popular than ever. But why are so many businesses choosing custom flags?

  • Bright colours catch the eye –

    Whether you are walking through a shopping mall or a trade show floor, the rule of the jungle rings true. Bright and colourful displays capture the most attention! Fabric can be saturated with pigment and colour, making custom flags stand out from the crowd – literally.

  • They can be placed anywhere and everywhere –

    Custom printed flags don’t need a permanent fixture to be held into place. There are all kinds of portable flagpoles available - you can add a ground stake to use them outdoor, or a pole and cross base to use them indoor. Your flag is good to go when and where you need it most.

  • They come in different shapes and sizes –

    No matter what space or setting you are setting up in, a custom printed flag can be printed to fit your needs.

  • Portable Flag Banners - sizes and styles

  • They are cost effective marketing tools –

    Starting at under £20, you can print small flags to advertise your business in a variety of settings – that’s a big return on investment!

  • Cost effective advertising flags

What kinds of promotional flags are available?

  • Feather flags – Feather flags are an attractive option, giving you the space needed to promote your brand. These are lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble.

  • Quill flags – Similar to feather flags, quill flags offer a rounded shape that catches the eye.

  • Rectangle flags – Rectangle flags are lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble, with a classic shape.

  • Street ‘Wearable’ flags – Catch attention as you or your employees strut down the street with a wearable backpack flag.

  • Wind Dancer flag banner - Wind dancer banners dance attractively on the wind, and come with a telescopic aluminium pole and water or sand fillable base.

  • Pop Up Stowaway banner – Pop up stowaway banners are fully portable and lightweight for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Mistral Lamp post banners – Mistral banners attach to lamp posts and other poles, perfect for displaying your message at events and on the street.

Examples of all types of promotional flags

Branding with Flag Banners – Tips From the Pros

Flag banners make a bold and strong statement – they show that you are confident in our brand, and you are excited to show it off to the public. Showing off your branding message to the general public is effective, but it is even more effective when you hone in on your target client group and appeal to their needs. This is why marketing your company at a trade show, convention or festival is a smart choice – everyone you want to reach is there, all under one roof.

At trade shows and conventions, you only have a split second to attract the attention of those who are walking past. You need something bold and bright – and that is where a custom printed promotional flag comes in.

Subway restaurants promotional flag banners example

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Get noticed at trade shows and events

Trade shows and conventions can be nerve-wracking, particularly if it is your first one. These are wonderful opportunities to grow your business, network with others in your industry, and meet with new clients. Getting noticed is no mean feat, as everyone else there is trying to do the same. While good old-fashioned salesmanship will always seal the deal, you first need to catch the attention of passers by.

trade show stand with portable flags

One of the best ways to do this is to show off your brand in a visual way that creates maximum impact. Make sure that everyone knows what you do, and that you’re the best in your field – show off with a promotional flag. You don’t need to worry about where you’ll place it, as portable banner flagpoles can be positioned anywhere.

Help people find you, no matter where you are on the convention floor. A flagpole can display your brand message, logo, and colours, and can be seen from a far distance.

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Transportation is simple and fast

It’s easy to pack up you flag banners and transport them where you need to go. The are simple to store, and even easier to transport. Portable flag banners are a great investment – they can be used a different events and situations, and they are easy to clean.

Do you need an indoor or outdoor flag?

Promotional flags come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, and styles, and they look great both inside and outside. While you might be planning to display your flag outdoors, you aren’t limited to an ‘outdoor’ flag. All of the flags at Red17 are printed using the highest quality materials, so they can be displayed both indoor and outside. These high quality materials mean that your flag will last for many years.

Portable Flag Poles cost less than you might think

The cost of printing marketing materials can really add up, with certain glossy printing jobs requiring a huge investment. Promotional flags are still one of the most affordable marketing materials out there, and they can be used again and again. While paper posters might be the best option in certain circumstances, flag banners last longer, show less wear and tear, and look great for years.

High quality banners can save you heaps of money in the long run, as they last a long time, are durable, and look great. Whether you are planning to leave them in a static location, or are going to move them around quite often, a flag and flagpole does the trick.

Wind Dancer Portable Flag Pole with Printed Flag Banner

Four brilliant flag design ideas

While you might think of a promotional banner flag as a marketing device suitable for a trade show or shop floor, mobile flags can be used in a variety of creative and ‘outside the box’ ways.

  • 1. Movement catches attention

    Corporate flags tend to be static, hanging in one place. However, they can be used to catch more attention as they move from side to side! Wind dancer flag banners can be used indoors in the same way as any other promotional flag, but they can also be used outdoors to catch anyone’s attention as they pass by.

  • Corporate flags for indoor and outdoor promotion

  • 2. Lighting can make all the difference

    2. Lamp post flags can be affixed to the sides of lamp posts, grabbing the attention of anyone who is walking or driving past.

  • 3. The human touch

    3. Wearable ‘street’ flags capture the interest of people walking down the street and in pedestrian areas. If you are planning a promotional event in a public area, kit out your team members with backpack flags – and don't surprised if they pop up on social media!

  • Back Pack Street Flags

  • 4. Don’t underestimate the power of repetition

    4. Sure, one massive flag can look great and make a big impact statement, but so too can many smaller flags repeating the same message. In one area, set up a series of small flags repeating the same branding, images, and messages. The visual impact is astonishing!

  • Skoda car lot feather flags example

Why choose Red17 for flags and flag supplies?

Red17 is one of the UK’s leading companies when it comes to printed promotional materials, and we are known for supplying quality branded flag banners to the best. We also specialise in portable flagpoles, banner flagpoles, wall-mounted flags, and all kinds of flag accessories.

As a trusted and reputable UK-based supplier, we are known throughout the country as experts in banners, printed materials, and other branded products. We deliver orders quickly, efficiently, and to the highest of standards.

We have a vast collection of flags and flagpoles, perfect for drawing crowds to your exhibit or attracting attention at an event. We’re proud to keep our prices low and offer our clients free delivery. Customising your own flag is easy – simply choose from a selection of sizes and designs, and upload your own designs and artwork. Get started today – call or email us for more information.

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