Why our schools love magnetic whiteboards

If we can cast our minds back long enough, perhaps even as far as the 80s (or even the 70s!), we may remember that old relic in school called the blackboard or chalkboard.

If you do remember the chalkboard, the chances are that you’ll only have negative memories of it :-

  • The screeching sound made when the teacher wrote anything on it.
  • The explosion of dust whenever it was cleaned.
  • The feel of shame when you were chosen to clean the chalkboard for some minor discretion.

Old style chalkboard

So let’s fast forward from our negative nostalgia about chalkboards to the modern day, and see how schools are a far more modern, positive and happier place with the advent of magnetic whiteboards.

Have you ever wondered why our schools love magnetic whiteboards though?

After all, they serve the same purpose as chalkboards - or do they? Are they perhaps much more than a chalkboard, when one thinks about it?


The obvious benefit of magnetic whiteboards is they are adaptable to many uses. Primarily as a writing display tool, but also with the advantages of being able to use a variety of magnets to build attractive displays upon.

Students and classes can become more involved when they can add to a display, either by writing or using magnets to annotate displays on magnetic whiteboards. It may be using small magnetic circles to indicate something on a drawing, or to guess in a game, or just to pin notices or user-created drawings to a display in a non-destructive manner.

Whiteboard drawing with magnets

Modern and Clean

Perhaps what adds to the love of magnetic whiteboards is they just seem far more hygienic, clean and modern. No more chalk dust, and they’re actually quite pleasurable to clean, as opposed to chalkboards. One wipe of a magnetic wipe board duster/pad is usually all it takes, and perhaps infrequent wipes with whiteboard cleaner to keep it in tip top condition.

Modern Clean Classroom whiteboard

Also more attractive due to being modern and white, today’s magnetic whiteboards are usually more interesting because they can be mounted differently. Fixed to a wall, rested on a table or desk top, or even free standing on an easel or a frame on castors - all add to the variety of interest for school students.


It is true also that school students feel more engaged with magnetic whiteboards. Maybe because they look more cleaner, or perhaps because they’re more practical and flexible. They are also easier to write on, and there’s not the skill needed from previous generations of teacher who had to practice their writing with brittle chalk.

pupil writing on whiteboard

Pupil Interaction with teacher on whiteboard

Whenever a student needs to write on a magnetic whiteboard, it’s not much different than writing normally so it’s quite compelling and engaging when students approach a whiteboard and write on it.

Variety of styles

Magnetic whiteboards can be customised and adapted to suit many purposes in schools. For example, quality of the surface can be a basic or super high-quality long-lasting choice, suitable for many years of heavy use.

Teacher Whiteboard Magnetic

Frames can be coloured to add variety, whilst a plethora of sizes can be used for different practical reasons (e.g. some permanent displays may only need a smaller size of frame).

Colour Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards can also pivot and tilt, which is handy when classrooms are bright or perhaps the teacher wants to hide some content before questioning children and then flipping the board to show the answers.

Revolving whiteboards

Maps and other underlay can be added to magnetic whiteboards to teach specific subjects, or even used for sports teams to discuss and review tactics.

Whiteboard Maps

Magnetic whiteboards are also available as signs, on freestanding columns with a variety of different shapes (e.g. hexagonal, square, or even arrows).

Whiteboard signs

For young children, magnetic whiteboards are also available in small sizes such as handheld or as easels, which help bring familiarity to pre-school children about the usefulness of magnetic whiteboards.

handheld whiteboards magnetic

Desktop magnetic whiteboards can work well in the classroom as well as the home, and are becoming more popular for students to work on.

Desktop Whiteboards

Finally, even if the office and workplace, adults will also enjoy their familiarity with magnetic whiteboards as they seemingly never grow tired of them. Don’t believe this? Watch anyone stand near to a magnetic whiteboard and see if they can resist the temptation to start doodling or moving the magnets around!

Conclusion: why our schools love magnetic whiteboards - because everybody loves whiteboards!

What’s not to love about magnetic whiteboards, as they bring back happy, positive memories of our school days whilst balancing functionality and practicality to our daily lives.

Kids learn to love magnetic whiteboards at an early age, and that love never dwindles throughout school. Students learn to write on them and express themselves, along with thinking creatively and even building up to presentations using magnetic whiteboards.

After school is only a dim and distant memory, magnetic whiteboards still evoke positive emotions amongst all of us it seems. With their modern looks, and range of styles and uses, along with different features to provide a fully customisable display solution, magnetic whiteboards are sure to stay as popular in the future as ever before.

Whatever your business, creative, education or home needs may be, there’s sure to be a magnetic whiteboard that will suit you and make your work a delight.

Whether it’s just a small desktop magnetic whiteboard or a full-sized double-sided pivotable one on a free-standing frame, rest assured your display and communications needs will be fully served by investing in a magnetic whiteboard.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start looking around all the different options today, and you could be writing, doodling, drawing or sticking magnets on a whiteboard tomorrow. Before you know it, you’ll be full of happy memories and remembering why our schools love magnetic whiteboards so much!

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