Why use folding display boards at your exhibitions

Why use folding display boards at your exhibitions

Exhibitions are great for gaining more business. They allow you to display and demonstrate your work in a sales environment, geared towards helping you develop your customer base and perhaps even gain a sponsor or two. They’re great places to be, whether your business is new or old, but they can be quite competitive; which means that your business needs to stand out in the crowd.

A folding display board allows you to showcase your work and your company in a clean and professional way. Folding display boards are exactly what you think they are: portable displays that consist of folding boards which can be put up and taken down at a moment’s notice. These boards are ideal for showcasing artwork, photographs, informational documents or any type of business literature that you may have. They can make your exhibition table look clean, tidy, and make it stand out.

Example of a trade show panel board display stand foldable

Most folding displays have between six and ten panels, with six, seven, eight, and ten panels being the most popular. At Red17, we offer these panel systems in 14 different colours (including a twin grey-blue option!). Folding display boards accept pins, and they’re also Velcro-friendly. It’s so easy to assemble them because they require no tools and every panel is interlocking. Displaying your project couldn’t be easier.

And as if that wasn’t enough, most retails (Red17 included) offer panels that are double-sided, so if you’re exhibiting in a space that isn’t backed by a wall or corner, then you could potentially display twice the amount of work. Our smaller panels are 600mm by 900mm, while our larger boards have panels that are 700mm x 1000mm. What this means is that you have enough space to display as much or as little as you would like.

Large Grey Folding Display Boards System

But, of course, we do recognise that some exhibition shows may not offer their traders and exhibitors that much space; but don’t worry, there’s a solution for that, too. Tabletop folding display boards are extremely popular for companies that have limited space to display their literature. You can purchase lightweight or heavy-duty tabletop folding display boards, which also come in a huge range of cloth colours.

Tabletop Folding panel display boards kit for exhibitions and tradeshow events

Stay on-brand with a folding board that uses your company’s colours and maximise the space you typically have at exhibitor shows. Stand out from the crowd of traders with a brightly coloured display, drawing the eyes of every potential customer that walks near your stand’s area. Let your display board do some of the talking for you, and when someone gets hooked by the projects or information that you have displayed, then you can easily take over and tell them what your business is really all about. It’s that simple! Folding display boards are the perfect solution for exhibitor tables.

If you’re looking for something huge to display on, Red17 also offers our ultimate Busyfold Heavy Duty Panel Folding Display Board. This board features a strong aluminium frame, interlocking panels with robust hinges, and a design that allows passers-by to completely focus on the information in front of them. Wow your competition!

Folding Display Boards 7 Panel Kit

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