Poster Frames in Business Corridor

Why your business needs to consider poster frames

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business, or just an individual looking for a professional way to display and showcase their posters – a poster frame is the ultimate solution. They’re great signage tools for any business or organisation, yes, but they can also be hung in the home for a classy and classic look.

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Posters can often appear unprofessional and messy. Their corners are too easily bent, the paper can be ripped with just one accidental brush if someone’s belongings gets caught on it, and they can fall and be destroyed if the blue tack holding them up dries out. Overall, a poster without a frame is inevitably going to get damaged or go missing.

However, with poster frames, you can do more than achieve a professional look; you can keep your posters safe and secure. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are typically available in several sizes and colour finishes. At Red17, our poster frames are made with a snap action mechanism that locks the poster in place. Each poster frame is also supplied with an anti-glare cover sheet, so even if you have your poster near direct sunlight, no one should be affected by it when they look at the image and/or text you have displayed.

The uses of a poster frame

Hanging posters in the office or at home is extremely common. Posters can brighten up an area, or add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull room. For some workplaces, having multiple posters is needed (such as a cinema or a theatre), for other workplaces, you may only be looking to hang one or two posters. In the home, you may be reliant upon posters for much of your wall decoration. Posters are especially popular with students who are looking to personalise their student accommodations.

Retail Zara Poster Frame and Poster

Poster frames enable an individual to protect the poster that they want to display. Protecting a poster is very important if it’s something sentimental, expensive, or expressive that you want to display. Poster frames are popular among people who have valuable posters; such as those that have been signed.

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A poster frame is able to properly protect posters that are hung outdoors, as well. Many businesses enjoy using posters to market their products, their services, or to add colour to the exterior of their establishment. Without a poster frame, posters would not last long outside. They would either be ruined by the weather, blown away in the wind, or they may even go missing. A poster frame makes it extremely difficult for a poster to be damaged outside, and if they are properly fixed to the wall, there are no chances of the poster and its frame going astray.

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Clubs and bars would especially benefit from poster frames as they are locations which serve alcoholic drinks. Inebriated individuals are more likely to cause accidental damage to items like posters when the poster does not have adequate protection. Libraries and book stores would do well to protect their posters, too, as they typically have younger visitors.

Why your business needs a poster frame

Depending on your business and establishment type, there is a whole wealth of reasons that a poster frame would be a suitable investment. If you have any type of product, service, promotional offer, or even a large menu to display, a poster frame could be an apt purchase for your business to make. Poster frames work to protect the delicate paper posters that businesses want to display, and at Red17, we have a great selection of snap frames for you to choose from.

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