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Why your business should consider poster cases

An eye-catching poster can help to advertise your business or event, but can start to look tatty when left on its own. If you really want to promote your business in a professional and effective way, an outdoor lockable poster case is a cost-effective and attractive way to go the extra mile.

Vandal Resist colour poster cases

Any business can benefit from using poster cases – they have many more uses and advantages than you may have considered. Read ahead to learn about just a few of the uses that our clients find for our affordable poster cases.

Poster cases save you time and money

You spend a lot of money on your printed marketing materials. Printing high quality brochures, leaflets, posters and displays is a sizeable investment, and so it makes sense that you should spend some time thinking about how to best protect them.

Posters and displays can get ruined and damaged in a variety of ways. People vandalise them, the weather rips them to tatters, and they even get stolen. Sure, having a poster that looks good enough to steal could be considered a compliment, but not when it’s costing you a lot of money! When you invest in the design, printing and hanging of posters, you should take a few extra steps to ensure that they last for as long as possible.

Retail Poster Cases on Shop Building Wall

Some businesses cycle through different posters on a regular basis, while others will use the same printed materials for year at a time. Maybe you business falls somewhere in between. You might also have certain posters that you bring out for seasonal events, holidays, and sales. Keeping these posters looking their best between uses is important for your bottom line. It also saves you a lot of time and effort if you don't have to print new versions of your posters every time you need them.

You can use poster cases to alert your customers to deals, sales and events

While your social media accounts and website are great places to post about offers and events, the best way to attract attention and excitement to your business is still with traditional printed materials. Your regular customers and passing foot traffic need to be kept in the loop about upcoming sales, and there is still no better way to grab their attention than with bold and eye-catching posters advertising your offers.

A well-placed poster can cause someone with no intention of stopping to stop in their tracks and make a beeline for your business. As long as you can boldly alert them that you have what they need, your business is going to flourish – and that is where a poster case comes into play. By all means, post about your sale on Facebook, but watch the money really come rolling in when your signage is displayed in a durable poster case.

Outdoor LED Light Box Poster Case Frame

Similarly, if you are having an upcoming event, charity raffle, pub trivia night or party, you need to get the word out there. Advertise your event in your poster case and the RSVPs will start to mount.

A Poster Case

Poster cases provide important information to employees in a reliable way

No matter what industry you work in, you need to let your employees know about important aspects of your business. This can include sales tactics and ways to earn more money on the retail floor, sure, but it can also include safety information, a work rota, or special announcements.

It is your responsibility as an employer to prominently display information about employee rights, safety procedures, and the employee rota. If you simply hang a grubby piece of paper on the wall, it quickly becomes tatty and covered with grime, particularly if you work in a messy environment, such as a kitchen or factory floor.

Poster of Police HQ in a lockable poster case

Employees can easily miss shifts or be uncertain about how to best behave in an emergency if the correct information is not clearly posted – and that is where a poster case comes in. By locking your valuable and important information behind a durable 1.5mm clear polycarbonate panel, you can ensure that this vital info is always presented in a clear and easy to access way. Every one of your employees will know exactly where to find the data they need, and they can count on being able to read it quickly.

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Poster cases can create a sense of fun and community for employees

Poster cases don’t just serve to display serious information – they can also be used to display fun materials in order to create a sense of workplace community and shared corporate culture. We have seen our business clients use our lockable outdoor poster cases used for a lot of creative and whimsical uses in the past. These have included:

  • A place to share photos of pets, kids and other meaningful moments.
  • A board perfect for announcing promotions, birthdays and anniversaries with the company, complete with a photo of the employee in question.
  • A game board for friendly competitions, games and team challenges, with a regularly updated scoreboard and prizes.
  • A place to share photos and recollections of recent team building events, corporate parties, and workplace celebrations.

Let’s face it – everyone’s back office space could use a bit of fun, colour and excitement! You can use a poster case as a revolving showcase that employees enjoy looking at before and after their shifts.

Creative Art in wall mounted showcase poster case noticeboard

You can use a poster case to invite customers into your corporate culture

Sure, you’ll want to keep things a tad more professional when displaying a corporate culture poster case in a public area for your clients to view, but this can be a fun way to bring them into the ‘family.’ When your clients and customers can see that your employees work in a fun and caring environment, this can build even more trust in your brand.

Use a poster case to add a bit of excitement and a pop of colour into your reception area, or anywhere where your clients and customers like to congregate.

Southampton University with poster case product

Poster cases let you give back to the local community

While you can use a poster case to allow your employees to build a sense of community, you can also do the same thing for the wider community. Place an outdoor lockable poster case outside of your business, and invite your neighbours and other local businesses to submit notices to post inside.

People can submit their event announcements, services and products they are selling, and other important community news items. Once a week, you can assess and compile the submissions and post them up for all passersby and patrons to see.

Close up on poster case detail and hinges

Hosting a community notice board is a service that costs you very little to provide, but shows your customers and local people that you are invested in your area. A little bit of good will can go a long way, and you will soon be a regular stop for people who want to remain in the know. While you might not notice an immediate uptick in sales, you will establish your business as one that is invested in the community and is here for the long haul.

As you can see, a poster case is a relatively small investment that has many uses, and a whole heap of benefits. Many of our clients find use for more than one, or for different sizes. Give us a call or an email and we can help you to decide on the best poster cases for your specific needs.

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