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Why your church needs an outdoor notice board

Despite dwindling numbers of people attending churches of all denominations, for many communities, the church is still considered to be the hub, a place where people can congregate and by extension, the church hall is often the place where many events occur. This is especially true in those areas where the population is smaller, and there are no other communal buildings or areas for people to gather. With the decrease in village halls as developers and councils look for land they can use for housing, there can often be many groups looking for a place to hold their meetings and the church hall can be the obvious choice to fill the void. This is just one of the reasons that makes having a notice board at your church, in particular, an outdoor one, such an important feature.

Advertise yourself

For some people, churches can seem like a daunting place. It can be a remembered sombre place from their childhood perhaps, or somewhere that didn’t really speak to them. But in recent years churches have been working very hard to change this public perception. In an effort to keep up with the times, the way in which many churches work has changed significantly in the hope of getting people to come to church. They want people to find out what it is all about and find a community of people who will welcome them. The problem is that if people don't realise this, they might not be willing to take that first step.

An outdoor notice board is an ideal opportunity to engage with those people who do not actually attend your church. Of course, it is also a way of passing information to your congregants as well. This is your opportunity to project the warmth and hospitality of your church, the people who attend it and of course any events that you hold to the general public. It is so much more than just a place to simply display the contact details of the church office, the vicar or priest, and the times when services take place. Your notice board should be a reflection of the personality of your church and the values that it holds. It should be something that really engages with people and reaches out to any potential new members offering them the hand of friendship.

How you present the information on your noticeboard, and even the type of notice board that you choose for this purpose can be a great way of advertising your church and the services that you offer. It is not just somewhere to display a few pieces of information, but instead, it should be a warm and friendly open invitation to the community.

Types of outdoor notice board

The kind of noticeboard you choose for your church is also important. As the name implies, an outdoor notice board will be situated outside which means that there is a strong possibility that is will be exposed to the elements. For this reason, you will want to consider the type of noticeboard where your notices are displayed behind a transparent door. This will ensure that your notices do not blow off and litter the area around your church. It will also help ensure that they do not become wet and illegible, both things that are unlikely to attract anyone's attention unless it is for the wrong reasons.

There are two different types of notice board you might want to consider, and this will very much depend on where your church is located. If your church has extensive church grounds, then you will want to consider a post mounted notice board that can be placed just within the grounds but close enough to attract the attention of people walking by. This will ensure that your notices are seen by passers-by who may find they are of interest.

If your church doesn't have grounds and borders a main road, then a wall mounted notice board will serve you just as well, again this should be something with doors so that your notices are protected against the wind and rain.

Wall mounted outdoor notice board

Appeal to all ages

Unfortunately, just advertising what you do and when you do it is not always enough to arouse people's interest. Think about the information that you intend to post on your notice board and then how best to display it in order to attract the most attention. For example, there is nothing wrong about a typed notice for a children's group that takes place in your church, but this will not necessarily look that inviting, and it certainly won’t attract the attention of children passing with their parents. Colours and images will go a long way to engaging with the people you are targeting as they walk past. If you want to attract new members for a children’s group, then you want the poster that you place on your noticeboard to portray a warm and friendly group that is inviting.

You might not think of your selves as a business, and while strictly you are not in the same way as a high street shop, advertising is just as important for your church community. So, get out there and “Sell” the services that you offer, the groups you have and the warm welcome that people will get.

The power of a good notice board and a well thought out display should never be underestimated. Ensure that your noticeboard is kept clean on the outside so that people can read the information you post on it. Keep contact information up to date and don't forget to take down any notices that are out of date. There is nothing worse than seeing information for an event you might like to attend only to discover that it took place several weeks ago.

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