Why your workplace needs to consider cork notice boards

In this day and age where everyone relies on technology, when messages can be sent almost instantly to a whole team a single individual or to multiple offices of the same company all over the world you could be forgiven for thinking that the humble cork board is no longer needed.

This is simple not the case, having a cork notice board in your office can be a very beneficial method for bringing important information to a large number of people in a public area. A cork board offers a place to pause and look at any important information away from your desk, and if a large number of people stop to look at a notice at the same time a conversation starter as they discuss the latest notice. A notice board can completely change the way that people in an office communicate with each other and can help to create a real sense of community amongst your staff. This is not something that you get when you communicate information through emails all the time.

Wood frame cork notice board

Make important information interesting

The way in which we opt to communicate with the people we work with can play a huge part in the atmosphere within the workplace. It is all too easy for deadlines to be confused resulting in the end of a project being rushed, deadlines missed, all of which can lead to an experience for the client that is far from positive. Colour coded cork notice boards might seem a little “childish” however it can be a very good way of promoting activity levels within the office giving you staff prompts for certain task and of course it keeps those all-important deadlines in plain sight in a very visual manner.

Do not underestimate the impact of colour-coded paper or bold marker pens when used for a system with each colour indicating the level of importance. Red, for example, could be used to represent urgent messages, it’s a very bold colour that would really stand out and demand attention. A colour system might seem too simple, but it is a really visual way of allowing everyone to see what is going on, what needs working on and of course what is urgent. Emails on the other hand are less visual and whilst you can send them to everyone are not visible to everyone at the same time and in the same way as a notice on a board. In fact, it’s all too easy to miss an important email if your inbox is a constant stream of messages.

Inspiration on a board

Cork notice boards can also provide a great source of inspiration for your employees. You could use it to display to show off photos of company events or team building courses, anything that could serve to remind your employees of all the fantastic opportunities that have taken place recently within the company.

You could even use it to include notices that talk about employee’s progress, motivating these employees and others to continue to work towards achieving their goals and targets. This can be a good way in which you can make all of your employees feel that they are valued, appreciated and play a valuable role in the company.


A cork board is a great place to communicate with your employees regarding a variety of opportunities within the workplace; these could be social activities, conferences that might be of interest to your employees, work-related events to name just a few. Whether you post about events that will be taking place during the working day or out of hours advertising them on a noticeboard with a sign-up sheet is a great way of motivating people to take part. How often do you hear of an interesting event via email and consider signing up for it only to shy away from actually doing so because you don’t want to be the only one? The noticeboard event with a sign-up sheet is a great way of avoiding this awkwardness and at the same time a great way of promoting a more “community” spirit.

If your noticeboard is displayed in a prominent place then these events are less likely to be forgotten about, unlike an email that someone might plan to come back to later when they have more time. Of course, an office wide email about an event, that directs employees to sign up via a sign-up sheet on a notice board can also work well. Essentially it promotes active use of the notice board and employees are encouraged to take part in these events.


It might not be the first use that comes to mind for a notice board, but they can be a good, and very effective way of soliciting feedback from your employees. For example, any issues or thoughts they have had over a recent project. This feedback could even be in the form of discussing skills they have developed or things they feel they could work on and maybe courses that might be appropriate for that.

The ways in which a notice board can be used in your office really are endless and limited only by the imaginations of the people using them.

Why cork notice boards?

As a society we are becoming increasingly more aware of the environment that we live in and the impact that man has on the environment. Cork is a natural and highly biodegradable material that can be recycled very easily therefore having less of a negative impact on the environment. You can purchase cork notice boards with a variety of different frames from sleek aluminium to a choice of different woods, they are not only incredibly functional, but they can also look very attractive and make a statement on the wall in any office. If you have been thinking about notice boards but haven’t given much consideration to cork notice boards then why not take another look, you won’t be disappointed.