Perfect Display Board

Every school, office and public area can benefit from the use of a display board. It’s a great way to display vital information, showcase recent achievements and create a community atmosphere. But how do you know which one to buy? With so much choice out there, simply choosing the perfect display board can be incredibly confusing.

To simplify the whole process, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you identify exactly what you need in your new display board.


Are fixings included and how is it mounted? Some display boards are going to be mounted differently compared to others. So, depending on the resources you have available, it’s worth identifying just how difficult this is going to be. All good display boards should come with fixings included, but you never can be too careful.


In order for the display board to last, you’re going to need something with a sturdy frame. Some designs are frameless which give them a really professional finish. It’s worth investigating the quality in these scenarios, and if it does have a frame, then what is it made from and how durable is it?

Frameless Notice Boards

Fire rating

Health and safety could be at the top of your agenda, and so ensuring your new display board is fire resistance is of paramount importance. Check to what level the product has been tested and compare that to the requirements you have to determine if it’s a suitable option. Be aware that display boards that are fire resistance are likely to cost more.

Fire Resistant Notice Boards

Tamper resistant

Depending on the location of your display board, tamper resistance may be a pertinent feature, and it could be that purchasing a lockable display board is at the top of your agenda. Look at what tamper resistant features the display board has and determine whether or not this would meet your requirements.

Tamper Resistant Notice Boards


Although this isn’t necessarily something you can find out from the product information, before you go installing your display board it’s worth inspecting the surface to determine whether there has been any damage during the manufacturing process, or during transport.


If you have a rough idea in mind as to the style of your new display board, it’s now time to think about its purpose. Where will it go and what will it be used for? Identifying these key factors will help you choose the most appropriate product.


Once you’ve been able to identify the purpose of your display board, it’s then equally as important to determine how big it’s going to be. By defining the purpose first, you will have a good idea where it will go once bought and so you can then see how much space you have available.


Once you’ve been able to decide which display board best suits your purpose, it’s now time to determine whether it’s the right price. This is when you begin to match price to features, and in some scenarios you may be required to sacrifice a feature or two in order to fit within budget.

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