With so many notice boards out there, how can you tell which is right for you? Don't worry! We have put together a simple guide that should help you find the right board for your work-based or commercial needs. Have a read through the info below, and we will answer all your questions.

Green Felt Frameless Noticeboard

Pin notice boards

How? Our pin notice boards come in fabric, cork and even felt. These are perfect tools when it comes to storing notes or information. You can pin whatever you want to these boards. For example, you might want to pin inspirational imagery to them or even daily memos.

Where? These items make perfect bulletin boards, and so you might want to keep them in a communal area. They are ideal for office spaces and can help workers sort out their loose paper.

Why? Often, it can be hard to keep track of everything. When you are at work, the pin board acts as a place to store everything you need. When everything is on the board, it will help you to see what you have to do in a visually compelling way.

When? These boards are perfect for use throughout the working week.

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Dual Notice Board - Grey

Dual notice boards

How? These boards have an incredible dual function. On one side, you have a standard pin notice board, while the other is a whiteboard. That means that you can use both functions together.

Where? If you work in a creative environment, you may need to use these boards to gather ideas. They are perfect for meeting spaces.

Why? If you need to look at things, like flyers and leaflets, but also make notes, these boards will work for you. They help you organise things into separate places.

When? When you are mind-mapping, you will find that these boards are useful. You can make notes, but also stick things to the board for inspiration.

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Eco Tamperproof Noticeboards

Lockable notice boards

How? These boards come in all shapes and sizes, but they all work in the same way. You can open and lock the boards so that they show a particular sign or poster.

Where? Again, these are perfect for communal areas or commercial premises. If you want to advertise something to a large group, they are simple yet effective.

Why? You may wish to change the sign on a regular basis. Rather than having to call out a fitter, you can use these boards yourself. It's simple to change the posters inside these boards.

When? When you want to promote something, these boards are a straightforward solution.

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Slimlok Noticeboard

External notice boards

How? If you want to promote something to the outside world, our external notice boards are the best. These boards are large and eye-catching. They are sure to grab the attention of the general public.

Where? You can place these boards outside your premises to attract people to come in and try something. You might want to promote an offer or special deal.

Why? Sometimes, getting people through the door is the hardest part of your job. You can use these signs to grab people's attention and entice them into your business.

When? When you want to gain new customers, this solutions might be the easiest way to do so. If you can attract people from the street, it will be a huge help.

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Freestanding Foyer Notice Board

Freestanding notice boards

How? These mobile products are simple to use. You can pop these boards anywhere you want. That means that they are versatile.

Where? You can use these signs inside or outside your premises (as long as they're protected from the elements). In fact, since they are mobile, you can put them anywhere!

Why? You might want to reserve an area of your business or let people know about a change of venue. These signs help you to direct people to where they need to be.

When? When you need to notify people of something at the last moment, you can simply put one of these signs up in a high visibility location.

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