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From water fillable signs to A-board frames, swing signs to flexible panels, red17 is bound to have a pavement sign or sandwich board to meet your needs. But how do you know which sign to settle on? When it comes to communicating your brand’s values and sense of humour to potential customers, chalkboards really are one of the best ways to go. Coming in all shapes and sizes, a chalkboard sign will allow you to be as creative and unique as you like.

Passers-by in your local area can be encouraged to discuss your business, and all you need is your wit and a piece of chalk. If you can’t think of anything to write on yours today, here are some of the best from the web. These chalkboard signs really make the most of their owners’ outdoor advertising space by grabbing the eye of everyone who passes, and encouraging them to take a photo to share with their friends.

And they can be yours in a flash, along with their potential for marketing and advertising, through Red17’s online store.

Here's some of our favourite funny sign board messages

No Hipsters

No Hipsters - chalkboard Signs pic


Sign content: No Hipsters. Don’t be coming in here with your hairy faces, your vegan diets, your tiny feet & your sawdust bedding. No, wait. Hamsters. NO HAMSTERS.

This sign is suitable for any business, but is especially appropriate for those that typically attract “hipsters”, such as coffee shops.

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Come in and meet your future ex

Your future ex - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: Come in and meet your future ex

Cold Beers

Cold Beers - chalkboard signs pic

Photo: The Meta Picture

Sign content: We have beer as cold as your ex-girlfriend[‘s] heart!

This sign pretty much exclusively applies to bars and businesses that sell beer, but cafés could try switching “beer” for “frappés”, and shops could trade “beer” for “drinks” (provided they sell cold drinks, of course). It’s also worth considering replacing “ex-girlfriend” with just plain “ex” so that it can apply to those whose past partners haven’t been women – signs that higher numbers of people can relate to are more likely to be shared online, getting you publicity for free.

We can help...

Hungry - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: Hungry? We’ll feed you. Thirsty? We’ll get you drunk. Lonely? We’ll get you drunk.

Water for Your Dogs

water your dog - chalkboard signs pic

Photo: ejlinehan/

Sign content: Water for your dogs – Or short people with low standards, we don’t judge.

Lots of businesses put out bowls of water for dogs during the summer months. It’s a great thing to do as it makes dog-owners more likely to stop outside your business and have a look while their dog drinks. Any business can make use of this tactic and sign, which signals that your company cares about its customers and has a sense of humour.

Poems are hard

Poems are hard - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: Roses are red, Bacon is red, Poems are hard, BACON.

An alternative we have seen for this is: Roses are red, Beer is brown, Poems are hard, BEER.

The Cheesy Joke

The cheesy joke - chalkboard signs pic

Photo: @johnfraher

Sign content: Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie?

This sign is ideal for businesses that serve food – especially cheese – but is just corny enough to work for any business that enjoys puns.

Holy communion

communion - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: If I only wanted one drink, I’d go to Communion.

Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Learn to laugh at yourself - chalkboard signs pic


Sign content: Come in and try the worst meatball sandwich that one guy on Yelp ever had in his life.

This lighthearted sign can be altered to suit any menu item or review you like. It pokes fun at online reviewing culture, and turns a negative review into an opportunity for promotion. While it may seem counterintuitive to boast about a negative comment, sharing it in this way implies that this one bad review is unusual, which in turn implies that all your other reviews are positive.

Which Direction?

choice is clear - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: Booze, fun, friends.Real life. The choice is clear

No subtlety about this one - tempting...

If in Doubt, Lie

if in doubt, lie - chalkboard signs pic


Sign content: Free Beer, topless bartenders + false advertising

Once again, this basic idea can be altered as much as you want to apply to your own business. For example, it could become “Free coffee, unicorns + false advertising” if you’re using it for a coffee shop.

Trust is everything

Distrust camels - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: I distrust camels and anyone else who can go a week without a drink

Did You Know?

Did you know - chalkboard signs pic


Sign content: Did you know that 2 to 3 glasses of wine per day can reduce your risk of giving a sh*t.

Wording can be changed here if you don’t fancy a sweary sign – replacing “giving a sh*t” with “caring” won’t ruin the joke here. It all comes down to taste and tone.

What's on the menu

Whiskey - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: Soup of the day: WHISKEY

A vote here at red17 suggests we prefer soup to whiskey (it is nearly lunch time though).

Husband Crèche

Husband Crèche - chalkboard signs pic

Photo: Pinterest

Sign content: Husband Crèche. • Is he getting under your feet? • Why not leave him here while you shop! • Free crèche just leave beer tokens!

Sadly, we haven’t quite escaped the stereotype that women like to shop and men like to drink just yet. If you can’t beat them, join them.

This sign mostly just works for bars, but cafés and coffee shops could also give it a go if they change it up a little. Maybe your coffee shop could be a “Writer Crèche” that looks after writers in return for coffee tokens, or your gallery could be a “Tourist Crèche” that caters to locals who need a break from visiting relatives. Get creative with it!

Decision time

Sober decisions - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: You’re making too many sober decisions

A Matter of Trust

Trust me you can dance - chalkboard signs pic


Sign content: “Trust me, you can dance.” – Vodka

Again, this particular quote will only really work for bars and off-licences, but other businesses could try altering the quote and the speaker to make it relevant to their own customers.

Parents watch out

Unattended children - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: All unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten


Alcohol - chalkboard signs pic

Photo: Imgur

Sign content: Alcohol! Because no great story started with someone eating a salad

Another pubby one to finish the list! The casual atmosphere associated with bars makes them the perfect candidates for a jokey sign.

Singles night

3D Tinder - chalkboard signs pic

Sign content: 3D Tinder

No picture fakery here!

red17's Favourite Chalkboard Sign

Door Bell Broken, Yell Ding-Dong Really Loud

Sign content: Door Bell Broken, Yell Ding-Dong Really Loud

What a great sign and what an entrance customers will make into your establishment with that - "DING-DONG". Haha :)

As you can see having fun with your chalkboard sign is a great way to get people talking and grab their attention as they walk past.

If you are trying to decide which pavement chalkboard sign is best for your business, let our team answer any questions you might have. Red17 has a wide variety of chalk A board signs, chalkboards for walls, and more.

Getting the Right Sign

#1: Think about your business needs.

Where your business is located and what tasks you expect the sign to carry out will determine which type of sign you buy. There are a number of different ways to display useful information from the pavement and tell your customers that you’re open for business. Each sign type has its own benefits, so it’s worth doing your research before making your final decision.

A-Board Sign - open for business


These signs are great for locations that are approached from two or more directions, as everyone will see the sign no matter where they’re coming from. As the name would imply, the A-Board sign is designed so that it resembles the letter ‘A’, which allows users to write information on both sides of the board.

Forecourt Signs

Visible to both pedestrians and drivers, forecourt signs can be a great way to increase your visibility. They work in the majority of settings, though they were originally designed to be used in vehicle forecourts.

Swing Board Signs

These are perfect for businesses that need a sign that can stay outside for long periods, as their swing panel makes them highly wind-resistant. Making an impression is super-easy with a swing board sign, the pavement signage that lets you stand out from the crowd.

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Chalkboard Signs

If you want to show a little creative flair, these are the perfect signs for your business.

#2: Think about the weather.

Even within a single town or city, there’s likely to be one street that remains relatively sheltered and another which turns into a wind tunnel at the slightest breeze. If you’re likely to come against some windier days, it’s a good idea to choose a sign with a weighted base of more than 20kg. Businesses in different areas have different types of weather to contend with. Think about the levels of wind outside your business on the average day before deciding which pavement sign to buy.

Sightmaster Forecourt Sign - with moulded water fillable base View Product

And remember to avoid putting your back out every time you move your sign – if you decide you need a weighted sign and know you’ll be moving it around a lot, opt for one with built-in wheels.

Sightmaster Forecourt Sign - with built in wheels and carry handle

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