So you're about to invest in a lockable poster case?

If you want to inform people about your business, school or club outdoors then there are various sign boards and notice boards available to do this, but may be the best option for you would be to invest in a poster case!

Whether it’s for your school or your office, a lockable poster frame or poster case has all of the functions you’ll ever need. It can display notices and posters outdoors, and you can lock it to make sure that everything is safe, clean, and exactly as you left it.

Find out more about lockable outdoor poster cases below.

Lady with sopping bags and poster cases on wall


Benefit from a case that is weatherproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. No more soggy notices or displays that are constantly walked past. Give people a reason to stop and read the information displayed inside your amazing new case by putting it somewhere obvious; safe in the knowledge that it’s built for any eventuality with its tight, waterproof seal.

waterproof poster case with close up of locks and hinges

These products are, obviously, lockable. Larger cases or frames will come with two locks, while standard and smaller frames have a single lock on the right of the frame. Frames are supplied with two keys per lock; so, you can keep one on your person at all times and have a back-up in a safe place in case you need it.

Frames come in a range of sizes, from A0 paper size to A5 paper size. Also offered specifically from us at Red17 are frames that are 30 inches by 20 inches, 40 inches by 30 inches, and 60 inches by 40 inches. We can also offer you 17 different stock colours for our standard outdoor lockable poster cases, as well as a simple and elegant black colour for our slimlok design.

Slimlok Poster Case

Tamper or vandal resistant poster cases are also available, as are magnetic poster cases.

No wall space? What about trying a freestanding poster case for your outdoor area. Ridiculously easy to erect, still weatherproof and tamperproof, and it can stand all by itself without a wall to fix it to. These huge cases can even be used indoors! Available in paper size A0, A1, and A2, these freestanding frames offer a quick and easy display change with their hinged door and lock combo. Also available in 12 colours from our own store.

Anti Vandal Secure Poster Case

Lockable cases at home

Display awards charts for your children without giving them the ability to change things around or play with it. Display precious memories away from young children who, let’s be honest, get into everything. Or even just keep a few things safe by utilising the space of a box that can be locked but is cheaper than most functioning safes.

A really great idea is to use a lockable case as a holiday countdown; letting the case hold pictures, things to remember, and even the money you’re putting aside for your new adventure.

Lockable cases at school

Use the case to communicate with parents! For any upcoming school trips or events, having a visible poster displayed is a powerful thing. Children can often forget to tell their parents important things when they’re young, and a poster case right at the entrance to the classroom or the parent-child drop-off point is a great use of the space.

Poster Case on Wall near school field entrance

If you’re displaying the case outside, knowing its lockable and won’t be tampered with is a great relief. All schools have children of many ages and mischief can happen.

University campus wall with poster cases displayed with information posters

Lockable cases at the office

For the office, having a lockable case means putting a specific person in charge of the graphics and notices that are displayed. It’s a great way to show trust in a new individual or give your marketing team an extra way to showcase the things that are happening in the company. Whatever you decide to do with your case, having one is always a good thing.

empty open lockable poster case

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