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Formulate is the name of our new and exciting range of exhibition display stand solutions. Using aluminium structures with textile fabric graphic socks that wrap snugly around each frame. The range consists of fabric displays, available in various widths and configurations, shaped counters, impressive retail and exhibition structures, hanging structures and a multitude of accessories.

These fabric exhibition display stands are proving so popular! If you need any further information about any of our products please call our friendly team on 01234 240 007

Fabric Display Stands Uses

Uses of Fabric Display Stands

If you are looking for a lighter, more flexible way to display your products and services, fabric display stands are the best solution for you. At Red17, we stock a broad range of fabric display stands made from high quality materials, in different shapes and sizes. Plus, they are durable and stand the test of time. These fabric display stands are easy to assemble (you don’t need a specialist or specific tools), store (they come in bags) and clean (wash the fabric with confidence, your graphics will not be affected). So, all you need to do if have your graphics or idea ready, and we will do the rest.

Different Uses of Fabric Display Stands

Fabric display stands have become more and more popular due to their versatility and overall aesthetics. Some of the most common uses of fabric display stands include:

  • At festivals. For example, if your business attends an annual food festival, you can use fabric display stands to showcase your specialties. An excellent graphic is worth a thousand words.
  • In parks. For example, if there is a particular place where people can play certain games or get involved in fun activities, using fabric display stands to showcase those game or events would be your best choice.
  • In schools or universities. For example, at the graduation event, you can display motivational messages to all graduates and wish them best of luck in their future careers.
  • At outdoor exhibitions. We know how important is to attend as many exhibitions as possible and that is why using the best tools to promote your business becomes a must. Use fabric display stands to talk or show what your business is all about and to stand out from the crowd like a true professional.
  • At events or product launches. Together with that red carpet, fabric display stands with graphics showcasing a product work well.

At Red17, we have a great range of fabric display stands in all shapes and sizes that will grab anyone’s attention. So, get in touch today to find out more about our outstanding offers; we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Additional Information

Formulate Fabric Displays - where form meets function

At Red17 we stock a huge range of exhibition stands & display systems to suit your needs and this Formulate fabric display range is a comprehensive and complementary addition.

Formulate is a range of standard structures that are manufactured from strong, yet lightweight, tubular aluminium which is then dressed with a tensioned fabric graphic..

Stretching a tough fabric graphic over the Formulate structure changes it from a simple frame to an elegant, engaging form, suitable for various situations and applications.

Here's why Formulate is proving so popular:-

  • Each structure is manufactured from lightweight but strong 32mm diameter aluminium framework making the kit easily portable.
  • connecting frame sections are labeled with matching symbols, meaning that it is easy to assemble and saves time compared with other types of display equipment.
  • The elasticity within the fabric makes the graphics extremely durable and long lasting giving a great return on investment.
  • Attaching the graphics is simple! Each graphic effortlessly slides over the framework and zips closed.
  • Kits pack away into a small carry bag making them convenient to transport and store.
  • Graphics are easy to care for. After use, zip closed, fold up and place into the bag. If the graphics get dirty during use they can be washed.
  • Prices in this range include all printed fabric graphics, printed with your design on 215gsm stretch polyester fabric

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